Works in Progress for a Super Bright and Happy New Year

I've been working on a new scrap-booking project as of late
that will be formated in an 11 x 8.5 size
instead of the standard 12 x 12
and I have to say the switch as been really refreshing.
I can't wait to show you the entire collection
but for now I thought I'd share a sneak peak
with a little tribute to last years Christmas.

Digi Elements from:
My personal collection, Minitoko, and Lemon Tree Studio
here are some additional pages using these amazing digi creators kits
(Click on images for sources)

new doll
live laugh loveScrap Saturday

2011 is going to be full of color I just know it!
I've got some exciting new adventures planned...
for one, my own digi kits will be available once again
come late spring!
I've been working really hard designing fun new kits
and revamping a few of my most popular kits from the last 2 years.

Lil' Deer Baby Romper

Early this spring
my hair pretties are going to share the limelight
in a photo-shoot
for a new collection of children's clothing
from etsy artisan Palm Tree Princess!
This gal knows how to use color,
and I was so flattered to make a selection of custom headbands
to match her newest looks!

Here are just a few of my favorite looks
although truly its hard to decide!
you must
check out Palm Tree Princess's shop
because she is having one killer sale right now
that you wont want to miss!

Oh I wish I were little again!
I hope someday she takes her designs
and translates them into adult size sleep wear!

Me and Sgt. Snowman

I woke up this morning to my husband
and the dogs making me snowmen.
as a child I played in the snow all the time with my siblings,
we made forts and giant snowballs
but I never remember having made a real snowman

I didn't dare wait until after going to town for supplies
to bring Sgt. Snowman to life
fearful that he would melt into a puddle
before he ever had his carrot nose.
So as so many of us do, I improvised.
You might notice that he has a 6 cent smile :D

What do you think of my new bangs? I cut them myself :D
They are perhaps a little wonky but I LOVE them!
But I swear one of my eye brows is higher than the other,
is this normal? Or am I just not able to cut or see a straight line?

Sgt Snowman will have some company this evening
I think she looks like the bird lady in Home Alone 2.
Do you see the resemblance?

I haven't had very much money this christmas
to spend on gifts let alone gift wrapping.
so most of my packaging is pretty blasé
using left over wrapping paper from the last couple of years
and scraps of this and that from all over the house.
But I did really love how this one turned out
my little sister is quite the horse girl
in fact the medallion came from one of her own award ribbons.
It's fun to bring new life to items
that would otherwise never find there way out
of the junk drawer.

Being "Normal" Doesn't Suite Me

Being "Normal" Doesn't Suite Me!
I want to make this my mantra for 2011
I'm honestly disappointed in my overall creative spirit for 2010
Last year I had close to twice as many blog posts.
I'm not sure exactly why this last year was so blahhh
but I think a lot of it had to do with me feeling numb,
because heaven knows I certainly had the time on my hands
to accomplish 3 times more
I think I've been Numb to the fact that I have NO clue what to do with my life
I never imagined I would be 25 and have no career and no kiddos
in fact I think my biggest mistake was planning to raise kiddos as my career.
I know 25 is still young and there is still plenty of time...
blah blah blah
but it's hard to build yourself up when everything you try seems to fall apart
the funny thing is that I actually have lots of ides of what I want to do
it's just I haven't a foggiest of how I'm ever going to achieve them
or if they are even plausible.
this might come as a shock but I think honestly
I want to own a little grilled cheese deli
lol I am always thinking about it... it's the strangest thing
I have all these ideas about how it would look and what I would serve.
Think cute cupcake bakery except with bread and cheese!
Because who doesn't love cheese?
Might be the wackiest idea ever
but at least it's something, right?

Anyway, I've gotten really off subject...
One of the ways I plan on getting my creative juices
back in the swing of things
is by being more bold and more importantly more ME!
This might sound silly but it's the god honest truth
- I feel on top of the world when I dress "quirky"
I feel beautiful, and while dressing like a "kid" might not seem sexy
I feel more like "that" than when I'm trying to dress like an "adult".

A very sweet new friend shared with me some new terminology
for Japanese fashion trends
that has opened up a whole new world of sweet eye candy goodness.
The differences in styles are still a little confusing to me
but I believe my new favorite is Fairy-Kei
which most closely reflects my own personal style.

I haven't really had a chance to share most of my looks
from the last past year
mostly because I'm picky
and like them to be staged and what not
but for 2011 I plan on setting up my tripod
and just focussing in on what I'm wearing.

One other fashion style to come out of Japan
is Mori Girl or "Forest Girl".
I just had to share this picture
doesn't she just look so angelic?

So what are your pre-New Year's resolutions?
Don't worry you still have time...
I'm just curious if anyone else is feeling really excited
for a fresh start - on the right foot
and to make it even better maybe in a new pair of shoes!

Fashion Source:
Shoe Source:

One Day At A Time

It's always a treat to have my little sister around
we weren't always so close but each year
our bond grows stronger.
I hate to admit that it's a bit of a blessing
that we don't live in the same state,
as I deal with my jealousy issues
and insecurities due to infertility.

I love my nephew to pieces.
He is just about as perfect as a little kiddo could be
but no matter how much I love him and my sister
it's hard to be around the two of them together
for long periods of time.
I'm proud of the mother my little sister has become
and the woman she is becoming
and I hope she knows how much I love them both
and that I don't wish to feel the way I do...

Hubby and I have made it through 9 hours
of our foster parent training
only 18 more to go...
we are both excited to start this new adventure in our lives,
I think my husband even more so than myself.
He's such an amazing man, and I know we will make a great team.
Our biggest concern is not difficult children
but rather my emotional well being.
We agree that taking in babies would not be a good choice for us,
so we are looking at the 3-12 year range.

I keep reminding myself to take each day as it comes
there will be days when foster care will be HARD
days when it will bring joy,
and even more that will bring tears
but overall anything worth doing is hard
and I believe when you are able to reach outside
of your own problems and help others with theirs
you start healing your own heart
and discovering you are stronger than you ever imagined

Blessing come in all shapes and sizes
and rarely in ways we expect.
my little sister wasn't prepared to be a mom
and now this little guy is her joy.
Maybe my joy is coming in some other way
and like my sister I'm scared of what's to come
but I know I can't dig myself into a whole and feel sorry for myself.
I've got to be brave and strong
and believe in myself.

I hope if you are dealing with hurt in your own life
that you are able to see that you are not alone
and that you too have the ability to overcome it
one day at a time!

All images are edited using Paint the Moon free textures and actions.

Goodbye Fall. Hello Winter.

We had our first taste of snow this weekend.
I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow
we wake up to a few inches on the ground
if it stays as cold as it was all day.
I'm not very good at faking that I'm not cold
and so all the pictures turned out very rigid

but at least today I got out of my pjs.
I've spent the good portion of the weekend
here on my couch making my yoyos
no matter how many I make I always seem to not
have enough on hand

I listed 4 new sets of my new alligator clips this weekend
all with a unique take on Christmas

Well I better get back to work
despite my husbands beliefs,
there are no machines
(as far as I know)
that make yoyos!

The Best Part

I spent a good portion of the day yesterday
printing out and searching the house
for all my business recipes.
I'm certain I only have about half of them
but already I am terrified of add them all up!

Profit or not -
I can't imagine how empty my life would be
right now without my shop.
I work every single day on new items
and at-least once a week my shop is updated
with a handful of new pretties.
Without this in my life I would surely be a basket case!

For whatever reason I drug my feet
on adding alligator clips to my repertoire
and how silly I was...
because they are absolutely adorable
even on big girls like me!

As you know I don't have any little girls in my life
so it's such a treat when a happy customer
shares a picture or two with me.

This vibrant little girl is the daughter of Dinnie.
Poor gal - Her order was a truly humbling experience
after I realized I missed a critical shipping detail.
Yet miraculously her package arrived after many many moons of worry and upset!
Oh my do I hope I never have to go through that again...
but through the entire process Dinnie was so kind and understanding!

There are no words that can explain how I feel
when I see my creations being worn by others.
there always seems to be a glow or spark in their eyes
... something that screams "I feel special!" :D

It's so easy to doubt oneself ...
believe me I do it more than I care to share
but every once in a while
someone says or shows you something
that makes you realize the joy you can bring into someone else's life
and that is the BEST part of the business!

I want to personally thank each and everyone of you
who has shared such kindness with me.
I couldn't do even half of what I do without your presence in my life!

A House To Build A Dream On

Jim has been mentioning this house to me for a few weeks
my man tends to be a dreamer and so I didn't realize how serious
he was about pursuing this house as our future home.
We aren't sure if we will qualify for a second home
as we still own our home in Portland.
We do have our home rented
but it hasn't been for very long.

Saturday we drove up and took a look through the windows
and walked the grounds.
My heart pounded with delight with each new discovery
butterflies still flutter in my stomach as I remember ever detail

In all the excitement I have forgotten the date of the home :(

This would have been the dining room
however the previous owners must have converted it into a living room.
Besides the kitchen this is the only room that has new flooring
the rest of the home has the most gorgeous dark hard wood floors

Most of the homed doors have a pocket window above them
to let in light and to help circulate air
and heat throughout the house.
This beautiful door strangely only leads to unfinished attic space

the rooms in the house are quite large for a house of its age
and there is plenty of closet space as well
(well perhaps not by our current standards)
this house must have been built for someone of importance!

The kitchen is so sweet
There is not a whole lot of cooking surface
but there is plenty of space to add it if you don't want
a kitchenette in the room.

Perhaps my favorite space in the house
is the kitchens adjacent pantry

which I would convert into my office!
It's perfect :D Lots of lighting, storage, and it's cozy!
Also it's in the heart of the home so I wouldn't miss anything
and could easily multi task!

One of the things we don't like about our Portland home
is that there is absolutely no connection between
the house and the backyard

In this house you could watch the kids play
while doing the laundry!

Of coarse this house has an endless chore list
not to mention needs a lot of love and pricey updates
such as a new roof, paint, wiring, windows, and yard work
but that is the trade off of owning an old beauty such as this.

but for now it's all just a lovely dream...