new family member!

Santa(AKA my husband) suprised me yesterday with a very early Christmas present!!! It was love at first sight! OH Charlie(our Jack Russle) wasn't very happy at first, but tonight while I sit in class-my husband calls just to say they are playing together! YEAH! So the tree wont have any gifts under it for me but wouldn't you say it was worth it?!!


Faltering Bird said...

Oh my gosh Chelsea, he is SO cute!!

I cannot wait to meet this new doggy of yours! What is its name, you didn't mention that yet!!

Eek I am so glad Charlie and the new dog get along! Gosh I've never seen a dog of his breed so cuuuute!

Happy Little Bird said...

His name is MILLER silly-Miller Dog


Ohhhhh. I LOVE him!!! Tilda can't wait to chase him! Although, I'm pretty sure his ears are longer, she still might be the longest dog in the land until he gets a little older.