I Actually Bought A Book

I don't buy books. I barrow them or go to the library. I didn't buy school books! But I'm starting to realize that it might be nice to have an inspirational book closer to hand. So yesterday I bought a book at my work that I love to look at and read whenever I am feeling blue. Especially blue when it comes to creativity. 

So I bought Jonathan Adler's book My Perscription for Anti-Depressive Living
Here are a few of my favorite photos and "prescriptions".

Pg 10
"Modesty is overrated. Let the world know just how naughty you can be-what do you have to lose? ...We all have a wild side, but we're taught to hide it. Use decorating to unleash your sizzle on the world."

Pg 196
"Decorate your home so that it expresses who you are and makes you happy when you walk in the door."

Pg 51
"Colors can't clash"

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