A New Look... yes, AGAIN!

It's a very sad fact that your truly has a bit of an identity crisis.
My blog has taken on so many different looks
sometimes it's sweet and pretty other times bright and cheery
not once has it felt just right
I get a bit closer each time this is true
As my likes and dislikes narrow
my graphical abilities become a bit stronger
and what I once thought was an impossibility
now is
"I'm not leaving this computer until I get a 3-column blog
with my own background

I am pretty pleased with my results this time
there are still things I want to add
but for the first time I really feel that this look really captures who I am
at least for now... as I always seem to be changing-
evolving, maturing, or becoming more stubborn?

Please let me know what you think? How does it look on your end?
PC users... how does it look on your screen especially?

Oh and did you see on the right sidebar
I made buttons for my digital kits
a few lovely friends have asked if I had one
and I always said "ummmm sadly not so much!"
but now I do and so I thought perhaps some of you
would also be inclined to share some free advertising love
and as there are 4 options
there should be one that to fit your unique style :)

oh yeah and I also decided to merge all my shops into one
that means no more Keepsake Cakes
just ittybittybirdy
less complicated for me and for everyone else

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving
and are well on your way out of your turkey comas
and by now have your feet up after a long morning of shopping.

~Chelsea Ann


sassypackrat said...

I just love your blog's new look! Great Job!

Lilee said...

i love this look! quirky! :) :)

Retro Plants said...

just fantastic Chelsea!
i love the *new* look. . . great job hon!

and your buttons. . . be still my little beating heart! ;)
i will grab one now for my blog.

love love love. . . look at you. . . so proud!

Pink Trees and Sunshine said...

I love the new banner and all the new buttons, too! It's perfectly fine to change your online look every now and then :~)

Anonymous said...

I adore your new look...although I have enjoyed all of the others too ;-) I change mine periodically too...and feel the same way you do about never quite getting it perfect. Maybe one day for me, tee hee. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving too.

Jamie :)

Sweetina said...

Hi Sweetie!
Your new look is great on my pc laptop! I've loved all your designs~they've all been so cute!
This one looks even cuter and very professional too.Wonderful mix!
Love it~

Creative Breathing said...

Yes, yes! This is getting to be more about your whimsical personality! When the little sad crow is gone, you will be there. Don't let him go until he's ready! Congratulations! E

laura evans/photography said...

definately different but just as gorgeous & a whole new way of finding yourself ... it's all about being who you are ... enjoy the discovery!!

apparentlyjessy said...

I think the new look is fantastic and very you Chelsea! The photo's in the banner are just so bright and lovely, and I really like the red white and aqua blue colour combination down the sides.

Megan V said...

Looking at your fantastic new blog layout on a widescreen pc and it looks great! Keep up the amazing work Chelsea Ann! I see you growing each day!!

Anonymous said...


I need a bit of help from you if you are able. You posted a Christmas Kit with images of decorations from the 1970's sometime in October. I am trying to find one of the catalog/magazines you posted from. You gave a caption for Christmas Ideas 1976 but I can't seem to locate the journal. My Mother made those exact ornaments for our family and I would love to find the pattern. It is of the little felt people hanging on a tree. If you could help in anyway with more information that would be great. I love your website!

Many Thanks,

Katie Berger

VĂ©ronique said...

I loveeeeeee your blog. so cute! And I put a digital kit icon on my blog too cause he is so pretty hihi

Candy and Cake said...

I know what you mean, I have changed mine twice. Now, I think I am happy with it.
Yours is gorgeous!