Christmas with ittybittybirdy

Well despite their being no sunlight for photographing
my computer crashing
and endless baking, cleaning, wrapping, and what not
I am here to share with you my home as it is this Christmas
and a few extra sweet things as-well

Ah there is nothing better than inspiration from flickr and friends like you
and 4 bags later I finally have my own gumdrop wreath
only problem is that I have a whole bag left and I can't stand the taste-ick!

I thought I might hang some of my vintage Christmas records above my dinning room bench
but then I scored these amazing vintage Christmas cards
at my local flea market Sunday for just $2!
Miller seems to like them :)

this is my very favorite Christmas tree yet
it's a beautiful Blue Spruce
and the prickly needles have made eating Christmas ornaments
a whole lot less fun for poor miller

I'm sure someday we will get a fake tree
but I can't imagine it quite yet
I love going and picking one out
helping out our local community
and the smell of pine

These are a few of my favorite Christmas decorations
My first Bradley Doll was eaten by Miller
(I'm sure your sensing a pattern right?)
So everyday before I leave for work I have to move these
to the dinning room table

I've been very good not to go to the flea market for the last few months
but I just had to go this weekend to catch the last minute deals on Christmas goodies
it's a pretty strange market
mostly just tools
but one table always has me forking over my cash
and this week was no exception
most of the items I picked up I will be saving
to place in my etsy shop next holiday season
but I just had to have these vintage candles

and this adorable little snowman :)

I also picked up this beautiful felt and sequins santa

Whenever I start taking photos Miller just has to be in the shot
Charlie on the other hand hates cameras

We will be taking the vitrolas back to Jim's dad this week
it seems my husbands family would rather it be left to rot in a basement
than have it be a center piece of our home
it makes me really sad and mad
but hopefully someday we can get another one! :(

I made a few ornaments for my fluffy white tree using the mushroom form my Merry Kitschmas digital kit and the cotton candy from my Circus Party kit.

I really adore the way they turned out but I'm going to have to figure out
how to make the paper stick to the plastic pendent
without bubbling or blurring

This is my first Christmas in my whole life
that I will not be spending with my mom and dad
so last night they came over for dinner and to exchange presents
My vegetable barley soup was a success
and yours truly was spoiled rotten!
I got some Christmas village pieces, pjs, an amazing coat from Anthropologie
and a CRICUT!
Quite honestly I have no real clue what it does
but I know it's really cool and cuts paper
I guess my dad has been watching infomercials on it for years
who knew?
So I'm excited to find out what I can do with it :)
If anyone has one I am eager for tips!

I am just crazy about my Christmas outfit this year
I pulled the whole look together rather quickly
as I was cooking all day and had no time to properly put myself together
before the folks showed up

The skirt was an awfully big purchase for me
I'm more of a penny thrifter gal
but it was love at first sight
at the Crafty Wonderland Holiday Sale
It's so amazing how many talented people are from Portland!
The Skirt was made by Loni Gaghan
I also ran into the owner of Knittn' kitten right after making the purchase
and she said the fabric came from her shop
small world!

Thank god for safety pins because the skirt is too big! CRY!
I was just sure it was going to fit but well at least I have room to grow! :)

You must must must check out Loni's shop!

I wish I could be her model!
I just ADORE clothing that makes your heart smile when you put it on :)

I wanted to remind you that my Merry Kitschmas digital kit is on SALE!

My sweet friend Karli used my Christmas kit and Rosette kit to make these oober adorable pages of her beautiful girls all dolled up for the holidays

I'm always so inspired by Karli's layouts

and her use of color!
I'm am just crazy mad in love with how she ampted up the colors
of my very traditional colored kit!

Check out Karli's blog - Retro Plant - to see more of her pages, vintage treasures, darling daughters, and digital kits too!

My very good friend Stina shared her handmade cards
and Christmas Tree ornaments she made using my kit.
She has a step by step on how to make the ornaments on her blog
(just change the language to English)

It's such a wonderful blessing to have so many wonderful friends
come into my life each year through my blog
I am truly blessed!

I wish you ALL a very very Merry Christmas,
a Happy New Year
and a prosperous and especially wonderful year to come!

Love~ Chelsea Ann


Tracy Suzanne said...

Merry Christmas Chelsea Ann! You're just the most precious thing. I love your Christmas dress. I think you ought to write a story book with you as the illustrated character. I just love all your decorations. You have the most creative way about you. I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Hugs....Tracy :)

Pieceful Bits said...

You are too stinkin adorable! Hope your holidays are happy and your new year bright! The Victrola deserves a prominent place to be displayed and loved. Thanks for sharing your Christmas decorations.

sassypackrat said...

I just loved seeing your home all decked out for Christmas. So cute and so reflective of you! Imagine my suprise to see in the picture with the doll, the Santa and Mrs. Claus set. It's the exact same one one mom has and it was always my job every year as a child to unwrap it and find the perfect holiday home for them somewhere in the house. Love all the vintage decorations too! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Retro Plants said...

oh Merry Christmas Chelsea Ann!
your home is breathtaking!
just spectacular.
i LOVE everything about it! ;)
so candy covered and full of delighfullness!
those vintage Christmas cards are "da bomb"!
is it lame i just said that?
didn't that go "out" in the nineties?
oh well.
but it is!

thanks for posting my scrap pages. . . you are TOO TOO TOO sweet!
it's easy to make cute pages when you have cute digi kits to work with. . . so the kudos goes to you!

here's to a Happy New Year and wonderful new friendship!

lots of love and wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas! ;)

Creative Breathing said...

Merry Christmas Chelsea Ann! It has taken months for the computer to let me leave a comment. I am so very sorry. This post makes me recall again and again why I think you are such a special person. Goodness comes through each word you write, inspiration through everything you create. Your home is so lovely for the holidays just as I expected. I wish all good things for you in this coming year. It has been such a pleasure watching your paper art grow into such a success! Merry Christmas, E

danielle thompson said...

everything looks very cute! i thought your skirt looked familiar b/c of those big buttons and sure enough you bought it from the exact etsy seller i was thinking of! i adore her stuff and bought one of her skirts for myself a few months ago. Still have yet to wear it as i can't find the perfect shirt to go with it! Happy Holidays, Chelsea! :-)

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey cutie,
Merry Christmas.
I Love the gum drop wreath! Yummo!!
i love it all.
have a great rest of the year

Brian Burke said...

You have the cutest dogs, great pics!

BOO on your in-laws, the grinches.

Merry Christmas!

Kawine said...

Joyeux Noël!!!
I looove your decorations!! it is so CUTE.!! your dog is too adorable!! ah, your blog is sooo inspiraing... thank you!!! and love the x-mas digi kit... it is so beautiful... i wish i could be christmas all year long, just to make cute stuff don't you think?