Another month rolls by...
I've gone from hopeful to it would take a miracle
I still get upset but I honestly feel more numb
I want to be a mother so bad
but I am trying just as hard these days to move forward
to live my life in the present and focus on the here and now
I don't want to be always grasping towards the future
it's a terrible way to live life

Of coarse it's hard to keep the baby fever at bay
when I have such a dang adorable nephew
it might be easier if he was a difficult baby
but honestly...
I think he is the best baby ever born
truly this little cutie has one very lucky momma!!!
And I am one very lucky aunt!
But they are moving away for college
so this was my last visit until Christmas :(
Maybe Santa will bring me what I want most this Christmas
but if not at least I will have this little man to squeeze on!

Digi Kit elements from:
Kitschy Digitals, Minitoko, and my personal collection


♥ Liefgeval ♥ said...

I want you to have your wish so bad! You are one of the people I think deserves it so much!
I can just see the happy in your eyes
on that picture with your little nephew. Girl, I'm hoping for you!
I really am!
Big hug!

Retro Plants said...

praying for you girl to get the wish you deserve!
babies are something i think that every woman pangs for. . . i really believe that someday you will get your wish :)
you deserve it!

Megan V said...

Since I do not yet know what it feels like to actually want for a baby... I'll give my allotment of baby wanting on to YOU so you can have double the deserving points and get your baby even faster!! You seem like you would be the absolute best mom, as you cherish childhood creativity and fantasy so much!! Fingers crossed for you, darling Chelsea Ann!! xo

Danielle said...

thinking of you.. i know how awfully frustrating it is. :( i truly believe that you will get your wish one day, in some form. There are so many kids that need Mommies. You will be a Mommy one day, I believe it! You would make a great one. :) Did you get my email? :)

danielle thompson