Word of the day : Excited

Last Night Hubby and I went out on a date
and I'm not sure if is was because I hadn't seen him
in over a week
or anyone else for that matter
as all of our cars seems to currently be out of commission
and I live so very far from civilization,
but for whatever reason, last night felt just like the good ol' days
Back before the butterflies all flew away,
and holding hands gave you the goose bumps.
We went to see the Kings Speech
which I personally thought was rather wonderful!
Completely worthy of the ticket price and the $4 box of Butterfingers.

I'm quite excited about all the movies coming out in 2011.
So VERY excited about all the cartoon animations
I could just about pee my pants.
Although undoubtably ALL of them will come out in 3D
and for whatever reason finding a non-3D viewing has become quite an ordeal!
Curse these eyes of mine!
LOL that reminds me... have you seen Despicable ME?
Hubby got it for me for Christmas
and I'm quite in love with the quote
"Curse you, tiny toilet!"
LOL it's become my new saying when I stump my toe
or whatever else might irk me from time to time.
Anywho... I'm really excited about the upcoming movie
Beastly , which from the commercials reminds me the film Fur
which I recently discovered and fell in love with.
The costuming alone is well worth the rental price.

I love date night because it gives me a good reason to dress up
not that I really need a reason!
Really excited about my new shoe clips
I scored at a local antique shop for just $2.
I've gotten to the point of only purchasing very plain,
very inexpensive black pumps
as I go through them so quickly
I wonder why I never thought to glam them up before?

I have a bit of exciting news to share with you
although you will have to forgive me
as I can only skirt around the topic a bit
but yours truly has started to do a bit of modeling
nothing big, but exciting and rewarding non the less.
I wish so very much that I could share
each and every shot with all of you
but alas ~ once sold the images are no longer mine
to do with as I please.
But keep your eye out -
who knows one of these day you might just stumble
upon an image of me
while walking down main street :D

Digi goodies from:
Kitschy Digitals, Pugley Pixel, Todd Design, and Minitoko
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Diane said...

Congratulations~ Finally you have been discovered it's about time LOL And it is so good to hear that you are doing good with you latest sales. Keep up the hard work it will pay off Hugs & Kisses, Diane

♥zoe♥ said...

♥Hi Chelsea,
~*Happy 2011*~I loved your outfit and was nice to hear you & your hubby have a lovely date:) So as i too very looking forward more cartoon animations and also Breaking Dawn!

Much ♥

Tara said...

I'm so glad you got to have a fun date night with your hubby! It's been so long since I've gotten to do anything but go grocery shopping with mine! :( It's always great to feel that spark again! Your outfit is so cute and I love the picture with your doggy staring up at your feet! How exciting for you to do some modeling...I'm sure you do a wonderful job!

Anonymous said...

okay, I just stumbled upon your blog from Thompson Family life and i have to say this is the most deliciously cute blog I've ever seen!

emilylynette said...

cute blog. i'm with you on the 3d movie train, my sister in law can't see in 3d and its getting harder to find animated movies without it.