When I started my little blog I was so naive
of how much work blogging really was
I didn't know a thing about creating graphics,
or what it took to take great pictures
and I certainly never thought about how much I would be sharing
but the honest truth is that so much of who I am today
is because of this blog
If I had had a head start on all of this back in high school
I think I would have been far better prepared for college.
I would have had a better idea of who I am
and what I wanted to do with my life.
but instead I have a worthless degree
and like a brand new car that you sadly wrecked without insurance
I'm paying for something I can't use.

In the 3 years that I've been blogging
I've found a love for modeling
graphic design, photography,
and most recently photo editing.
If you had asked me even just a year ago what a Photoshop action was
I would have said
"something geeky computer people use to make their pictures AWESOME"
I had no idea that they were so simple
and that you really didn't need to know much to use them
even now I'm learning more and more just by watching how they work.
Even layer masks are starting to make some sense to me :D
I got started by trying out free actions I found around the web
But last night I used up all my saved up clams and purchased my first action set
well two sets actually! A total of 50 Actions!
Talk about fun!! It really is like playing a game...
you never know which action is going to be the winner!
The above images show you just what actions I used on each image.
Frames from Kitschy Digitals

Here you can see the before

and after! Pretty cool right!?

These shots are from a recent photo shoot I did
for some future clients
these ones didn't make the cut but I liked them all the same.
I'm telling you - it drives me crazy that I can't share
all my photo shoot work with you :(

One guy who is always ready to have his picture taken
is my basset hound Miller.
He is such a ham for the camera.
We recently moved our master bedroom
into the same room as my studio
to make room for our future foster care kids
and Miller, who loves to be wherever we are in the house
has fallen in love with hanging out on our bed
as I work on whatever it is I do all day long on the computer.
Needless to say I'v been photographing
his sweet little face even more than usual.

Charlie dog on the other hand
hates having his picture taken!
this little guy is our little Terrorist
oops I mean terrier.
He's always trying to escape our yard,
and in the wet months of winter and spring
I wash this guy more times that I wish to count
on a daily basis.
This particular day,
I believe he was hot on the trail of a local gopher.


What have you learned about yourself through blogging?
Have you learned any new skills recently?


Megan V said...

I completely agree that blogging really creates some self reflection and discovery!! Blogging also convinced me that I don't need to save up a million dollars to start a business... that maybe I could just start really small but just START. It expanded my interest and skills in photography, tenfold. It gave me a reason to write, and often. And it keeps me connected to humans, at least somewhat although only digitally, in a place where I'm otherwise pretty isolated!! All in all, blogging is definitely NECESSARY!! :)

joanna said...

Blogging has reminded me how much I used to love writing and has encouraged me to sign up for some creative writing classes that I LOVE! It has also shown me how much I LOVE taking pictures...and made me want a much better camera. It has also shown me that I am not the only person who doesn't want a "normal" life of a 9-5 job and a house in the suburbs and has introduced me to so many great inspirations for living a life of my own making...