Oh Baby!

I think of myself as a pretty creative soul
but it's always my customers and friends
who inspire me to try new things

Recently I was contacted by Photographer
asking if I could make some headbands for
her adorable baby girl.
I had never really gone down the road of baby gear
simply because I didn't have the most important prop
Not that I didn't try convincing my little sister
to let me barrow my adorable nephew.
yeah - as you can imagine,
she wasn't too keen on the idea.
So one thing leads to another
as things often do
and Bethany and I worked out a deal -
headbands for photography!
But without a doubt the best thing I got out of this deal
was a brand new friend!
Bethany is amazing
and her enthusiasm for my work
and support in my new life as a foster momma
has been such a blessing.

Thank You Bethany
You are an angel - and uber wonderful to boot!

So if you have a little one of your own
or a baby shower or two coming up real soon
please do take a peak at my newest creations.
Custom orders always welcome!


Bethany said...

Awww!!! Thank you SO much for all your kind words!! You have been such a dream to work with and I wish you much success in everything you do. Everything. Please know that I mean that from the bottom of my heart and it isn't just incessant babble. I absolutely adore your creations and seeing what you come up with! :)

amber renee said...

These are simply adorable! I bet you knocked her socks off! xoxo