No Longer Lost

I now fully comprehend and appreciate
when mommas say that have "lost" themselves.
We now have 4 kiddos living in our home
from an infant all the way to a full fledged tween.
Between getting everyone ready, off to school, back from school,
homework, baths, dinner, laundry...
I hardly have to to enjoy a 15 minute shower.

But this last weekend I got out of my sweats
and into a new dress I recently purchased
from etsy shop Fruit Salad.

To celebrate my hubby's birthday with my grandparents.
We had a great time, and my kiddos were a lot of help -
one of them actually likes cleaning toilets!

The weather here in Idaho
is finally starting to look like spring

I love all the seasons
but I am ready for nice sunny days
so my kiddos can run out some energy in the back yard.

The hubby has been teasing me that foster mommas
don't get Mothers Day...
but I truly have to say that motherhood
has changed me.
I no longer feel lost!
Sure I may not be able to dress up
quite so much
but for the first time in my life
I feel like I have a purpose for waking up
and peace of mind each night
when my head finally hits my pillow.

So to all my friends who are mommas
Happy Mother's day!
What you do is beautiful
that makes you a beautiful person!!!!
yes, even without your makeup on :D


sassypackrat said...

I so happy to hear this! You look settled and happy.

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Hi Chelsea. I haven't visited your blog in a while and now I come to see you've become a mommy to four!!! How wonderful!!! I loved this post and now I'm going to catch up on your past posts to see how this family came to be. God bless. You are doing God's work, you know, and you have every reason to celebrate Mother's Day!!! XOXO

~ Wendy

NightEssie said...

What a lovely dress it that, and the photo's are beautiful ♡ love it. ✗✗✗ Essie

Tara said...

Such a lovely dress! This post makes me happy to hear you sounding so settled!

Diane Mars said...

Congratulations! I am so happy to hear your Home is filled, you have so much love to give. Happy Mothers Day! oxox, Diane

minitoko said...

you make my eyes wet ! happy to see you so happy, hope you'll share with us these great experience. (and you're awesome on those pics BTW) ;
your friend

Megan V said...

Oh my gosh you have KIDS?! It seems it has been too long since I have stopped by your blog. Wow, four of them, too. That's amazing! Your dream has come true and that makes me sooooo happy :) I'm sure their laughter and hugs will make it all worth it :) xoxox meg

Martha said...

Happy Mother's Day, Chelsea Ann! You look very pretty in your new dress, and I'm so happy to hear about your new foster family.

Anonymous said...

This was such a wonderful Mother's Day post! Your photos where so dreamy!

Danielle said...

i'm so THRILLED for you guys! you are such sweet souls to take on all of those lovely kiddos.. and i know they love you for it. My heart bursts with happiness for you Chelsea Ann. : ) They are so lucky to have you and your husband in their lives!

ruby said...

gorgeous dress and photo's how lovely for you x