Patching Things Up

Most moms this school year will be forking out good money
for "pre-worn" jeans. I mean honestly the jeans in stores today are ridiculous.
In our home we call these holly abominations"Farmer Pants"
for goodness sakes why not get a little work our of your kids
and let them wear out their own jeans over the summer.
It's a two for one if you ask me.

But my little kiddos were quite ready to throw out this holly pair this morning
so I decided to try and give them a bit of a makeover

Surprisingly enough fabric yoyos were not my first thought
but once I finally gave up on finding my leather scrap stash
yoyos were of coarse the obvious choice.
It's not exactly like I don't have a plethora of them lying around the house. 

After Stitching around the yoyos I added a few crochet flowers
that I purchased from Tokyo Alice 

I think for a 15 minute makeover they are a smashing success
& will stylishly get the girls through another year of school.
Our little upcycled mousey friend is from Fried Okra
who like us is currently MOVING!!!
So until her magical workshop opens up once again
 check out here flickr for a glimpse into her dazzling creative mind!

1 comment:

ruby said...

great idea this, I did the same to a skirt my friend was ready to put in the bin!, its the ultimate in make do and mend x