It's All in the Packaging.

I have a friend who once told me that I was a sucker for anything with eyes.
Thank goodness this statement applied only to random objects and not men,
but she was right. 
When I first started to thrift I was always drawn to objects with beady little eyes,
there was something about them that just said
"take me home!"
Well I still have plenty of little chats with plenty of little faces
but I don't feel the need to take quite so many of them home.
This is of coarse a great relief to my husband.
So all that said, the old me would have purchased 
the mates to these friendly little bear clips. 
Believe it or not these kawaii Bag clips came from WINCO!
If you live in Washington, Idaho, Nebraska, California, or Oregon
you know that this grocery store is for bargain shoppers.
It's the type of place that has bins of candy, grains, beans and such,
and where you can find your favorite brands for typically less than Wally World.
I'm not quite regretting that I held myself back from purchasing the kitty cats and frog clips,
but then again when on earth are you ever so lucky to find such a score at the grocery store?

I'm also a sucker for vintage packaging.
I almost didn't pick up these cookie molds,
telling myself it was ridiculous to buy something you will never use
just because you like the graphics.
(I say "lightbulb" in my head just like in Despicable Me.
If you haven't seen Despicable Me, well shame on you! j/k - kind of)
anyways my idea is that the kiddos can use these as molds for their play dough.

I can't even recall when or where I picked up this 
Basket Liner - it's sat in a box for at least a few years.
I searched and searched on-line for info on the Dora May company 
but didn't come across anything. 
What a shame, I think it's rather sad that we manage to loose the histories 
of Companies that made such fun and useful items. 
I wouldn't mind having a few more of these liners 
- especially with this style of basket being so inexpensive. 
i found mine at Hobby Lobby for around $6. 


Sandy said...

I buy these kinds of vintage packages all of the time...the colors and graphics just grab me! We are getting Winco down here in Arizona....can't wait for them to open! I am so ready for a different place to shop! Thanks for sharing!!! Sandy

Retro Plants said...

they opened up a winco near here just about a year back. . . i have always wanted to go. . . but now i have the motivation to go tonight!
adorable Chelsea! adorable.
what a good idea for the pan. . . play dough has SO many uses!
your such a cute mommy!