Chelsea Ann - Digital Goodies

My first true experience with a computer was my junior year of high school.
Sure I played a game or two of Solitaire, and "painted" a few pictures in Paint,
but before then our home computer couldn't even connect to Hotmail. 
The class was "Graphic Design" and what I thought was going to be a
semester of creating clip art and designing websites
was nothing more than an introduction to how the computer uses 0's and 1's
 to capture and direct data, and how lengthy non sensical code called HTML built tables and columns. 
To say the least, I was miserable! 
It seemed to me at the time that art was nothing more than a mathematical formula. 
Even the Photoshop tutorials just walked you through a pattern of steps that led to a finished piece perfectly orchestrated by some  numerical phenomenon. 

So after 5 years of college, half a life time of school debt, 
and a degree I could care less about
I picked up an Illustrator Book for Dummies from the library,
deciding to give graphic design a second chance.
I've learned along the way that just like all art forms 
there isn't necessarily a wrong or a right way.
There is only your way
if you put in the time, and all your heart into everything you do
the end product will be just as it should be.

So with such humble beginnings it came as a total shock
when Danielle Thompson of Kitschy Digitals
invited ME to be a designer for her new website.
It still doesn't seem quite real, 
especially when my work is to be featured amongst such amazing company.
artist such as Kat Cameron, Mollie Johanson, and Julie Fujara 
just to name a few. 
So here we are at the grand opening!
I have lots of work ahead of me...
but I'm so blessed to have this AMAZING motivation
to pushing me to learn new skills to make my ideas come to life.

So what do you think of my little logo?
It was one of my foster kiddos who suggested the dino get a set of wings,
other than that I don't have any grandiose explanation
for how a dragon came to be my new icon, 
but he sure is cute!

In the months to follow you will see some familiar kits.
Gosh, I think it was over 3 years ago that I released my first digital kits.
Well they haven't be available for quite some time, 
but even so I still get e-mails asking after a few of them.
So keep an eye out because I'm re-designing them one by one.
Ice Cream Dolls is the first of these to be given a once over.
The funny thing about these "dolls" is that I had NO clue that their
real name was indeed Ice Cream Dolls until long after
 I had whipped them into sweet ice cream confections. 

I'm really proud of my Qtea Party kit. 
It took months and months of work to get all these little characters just the way
 I pictured them in my head - but it was so worth it!
Later this week I'll share with you a really special gift I made for a friend using this kit...
or if you can't wait until then you can see some sneak peaks on the kits product page!

And last but not least a grand opening wouldn't be very grand without some goodies.
Each designer has contributed one free kit 
to introduce our customers to the site and to the world of digital crafting.
For my freebie I put together this adorable collection of vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy paper dolls that I had in my personal collection.
I also have a really fun post coming for this kit too!! 
(and again check out the sneak peak if you like)

If all this isn't sweet enough there is a Grand Opening discount of 15% off
So please check out Kitschy Digitals and all the hard work we've all put in -
Especially Danielle! Even if you don't have any interest in digital goodies
the website is a treat for the eyes and just an overall fun place to visit!


Elaine From LA said...

Like, Oh My Gosh and Golly, Chels, this is too fabulous for words!!! It may have surprised you that you were asked to be a Designer for Kitschy Digitals, but it doesn't surprise me in the least :~) So happy for you!!!

Kitsune said...

I am so excited for you! Your art is so sweet and whimsical that I am glad you have a way to share it with the world. The website is adorable. It got me all gungho to try digital scrapping. Bought the QTea set because I couldn't resist it! :)