Wizard of OZ Masks

I often refer to myself as a gluten for punishment,
always trying to tackle more than what's really necessary.
The more chaos around me the more I seem to be able to accomplish. 
Although I must admit I'm also prone to anxiety attacks when things
aren't exactly going my way or sticking to schedule.
Which is pretty much all the time...
But when life settles down, when there's no foster kiddos
driving me batty and draining my energy
well something really sad happens -
I loose my creative mojo! 
We decided to close our home to new foster placements
before starting IVF and while the break was nice,
it was rather difficult for me to stay focused on my projects
even though I seemingly had all the time in the world!
Now I'm prego potatos (and starting to get sick)
have a new born foster baby in the house,
a rather moody pre-teen, and in just two short weeks
possibly a 4 and 7 year old. 
LOL I'm tired, but once again I feel reenergized creatively...
if only I could find the time and energy!!!
So if I were off on my own adventure 
to meet the Wonderful Wizard of OZ
I'd ask for bounds of energy
and to possible take away my recent super smelling
that has me not wanting to leave my house for anything! 

So whilst I was in a creative slum
we designer chics at Kitschy Digital were each challenged to 
create a diy (print yourself) mask in celebration of Halloween.
At first I was terrified (have I ever mentioned I don't exactly love trying new things?!)
But then I thought of Tim Gunn of Project Runway
and decided I was going to rock this challenge and have my very own 
"Make it work" moment. Now seriously,
this was in no way a competition, and I'm not even a competitive person in the slightest
but thinking each day and each mask through in this way,
as if Fashion Week was just within arms reach made it exciting
and well frankly GOT THE JOB DONE!
I know, I must sound like an oober geek!!!

I'm certainly not the only designer that got inspired though-
the team pulled together and Kitschy Digitals is just chalked full of some amazing
and truly unique mask for kids and adults alike.

So are you a Wizard of Oz fan?
Excited for the new movie The Great and Powerful Oz
coming next March?
I was a huge fan of Wicked as well,
more so the book than the play...

Here is silly lil me back in 2009
with my Wicked tickets in hand.
You can check out the post,
but long story short I wanted to wear my wedding dress
 just one more time
so my hubby and I pretended to have just gotten married.
It was a blast, I highly recommend it!!

I also once had a small role in our schools musical 
of Wizard of Oz. I wish I could recall just how many people
were part of the production, but it was nearly half the town it seemed!

I think one of these days when I have the right set of kids
we will have to do a family movie night and after we watch the flix,
we will have the family act out the most memorable scenes. 
Although I really should start by readying them the book first. 
I just finished reading Oddfellow's Orphanage by Emily Winfield,
but you might know her as the Black Apple

Danielle Thompson founder and originator of Kitschy Digitals
did such a wonderful job photographing everyone's masks.
I was so tickled with how they turned out and how much fun the kids appear to be having. 
Isn't that the best part, that something as simple as paper and a stick can 
entertain and spark the imagination of us all! 

Wizard of Oz Masks available exclusively 

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sassypackrat said...

Chelsea Ann, your masks are awesome!