My Angel

Our little angel 
Annalea Fey
arrived May 7th,
at 36 weeks -3 days.
5lb, 1oz

I can't even begin to put into words how incredible it feels to hold
my baby girl in my arm. It was a long hard journey; the last 5 years have been full
 of tremendous emotion as we endured years of infertility, 
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), a difficult pregnancy, and a life threatening delivery. 
At my 36 week routine doctor visit I was sent over to the hospital for
what my doctor presumed was the early stages of preeclampsia. 
I felt fine so I wasn't too worried but I couldn't help but think "oh, poor sybil!"
(My Downton Abbey friends will certainly understand my thought process).
From there everything unravelled rather quickly.
I was diagnoses with HELLP sydrom,
a very scary life threatening complication.
After a difficult (but luckily short) natural delivery,
I was rushed off to the operating room where I lost 
3 liters of blood from a hemorrhage.
It is by the grace of God and the skill of my doctors and nurses
that I am alive today.
My recovery has been miraculous. 
Many woman diagnosed with HELLP are not so lucky. 
Even after having a terrible reaction to a blood transfusion 
days after my delivery,
baby girl and I were allowed to go home after only 6 days. 
After returning home I went in for a second CT scan, 
where another miracle presented itself. 
My first scan had shown tumors on my lungs,
but there was nothing there the second time around!
It will take my body 6 weeks to replenish my blood supplies. 
Each day I get stronger, although there is still much I can not do.
After being so sick during my pregnancy, 
it's sometimes easy to forget just how
fragile my body is right now. 
I'm so grateful to my family and friends,
and especially my mom and husband
for their tremendous love and support during this time. 

*kissing my baby girl just before they took me back to the OR

Annalea is doing great! She is struggling with reflux, and isn't a strong sleeper,
but she is otherwise healthy and striving. 

I feel so tremendously blessed,
The love I feel for my baby girl is without measure. 
She is my JOY!


Martha said...

Congratulations Chelsea Ann and family! She's a cutie, and your photos are wonderful.

How scary to go through such a traumatic delivery. My good friend had a similar experience when she was diagnosed with HELLP during a routine visit. Her baby was delivered at 30 weeks (at just over 2 lbs) and he spent 3 months in the NICU. He's now six years old -- mom and her boy are doing just great.

Looking forward to seeing her modeling all the darling things you are going to make.

Sandy McClay said...

God Bless everyone involved here, and I am just so happy that you and your little girl are at home and doing better every day!

Bibi said...

So happy for you! Congrats with your baby girl, greetings from The Netherlands ^_^

Retro Plants said...

how scary!!!!!!!! so thankful for the miracles you have received honey! I LOVE YOU!!!!! i will continue to pray for your health and little Annalea's. . . you are one of the most amazing people i know. . . your courage and strength makes me want to be a better person and more importantly a better mother . . . we love you and i know our Heavenly Father loves you!

Retro Plants said...

p.s. could she be ANY CUTER!!!! ACK ATTACK! love her. she is gorgeous!

Diane Mars said...

Congratulations!!! And now you can post Baby pictures on your Blog.. because she is Yours! Beautiful Baby~ Hugs, Diane

Cindy J said...

I have been peeking at your blog every so often to see updates :) I am so happy for you!!! Could you email me your address? I would like to send your miracle baby a gift. <3 cynthia.jaeger @ yahoo . com