Dolls de Mexico

I was just a teenybopper when I went to Mexico
to help build homes. I was hardly mature enough to understand
just how different life could be for our neighbors South of the border.
What I remember best from the trip was the laughter in the streets,
even in a small town their was so much noise. 
Children in the streets kicking balls, street venders selling
sweet bread from the trunk of their cars, music flowing in all directions.
I loved the food, and unlike my friends who were eating pb&j sandwiches
I was in the kitchen with our host family.
I recall being the only one willing to eat such delicacies,
as cow tongue and pigs heart. 

It was on that trip that I fell in love with the vibrant
folk art of Mexico.
Wooden turtles with bobbing heads. hand painted clay piggy banks,
and handmade fabric dolls, just to name a few.

Our son is Mexican and I want to educate him and our family,
of the rich traditions and history of the Mexican people.
It is all this that inspired my latest set of embroidery designs.

I started off wanting to make tea towels,
but the more I worked on the collection
the more I fell in love with everything that represented 
traditional Mexicana.
I was going to need a much bigger canvas...

My kiddos bathroom was the perfect place 
for such a colorful and whimsical theme.
I only wish there was more wall space.
I can just picture an entire wall covered in vintage
pin the tail on the donkey posters.

I use Sulky's printable stabilizer
just because it's so quick and easy.

I'm so please with this set, 
I put so much time and thought into each design
and I'm already playing around with a few ideas for a coordinating collection. 

You can find these and my other embroidery and digital kits
exclusively at Kitschy Digitals.

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Unknown said...

Hi Chelsea, Just checking in and so happy to find you with a sweet and adorable family. You touched my heart so many years ago, you are a gentle and kind soul who deserves the happiest of lives. Always, Elizabeth