Moose Concept Drawing

Here is one of my concept drawing for the book Victoria and I are working on together. There is going to be many many characters so I best be getting my pencil to some paper. I'm pretty happy with how he turned out. I'm not sure if he's exactly the personality we discussed but he sure is adorable. I would like to share a bowl of soup with him :) That probably sounds weird but I tend to think of my pencil drawing as real "things". OKAY, know I know I sound weird. But someone out there must know what I mean.


PS_Iloveyou said...

Oh my goodness that moose is cute! He looks like the popcorn stringing type to me (and soup eating, I can see that too)

Cute Cute Cute!

Traci said...

He just looks so sweet - like maybe you could have him over to play. A very amazing drawing.