The Whole Outfit

I CAN'T SLEEP... it is just barely the start of a new day. 12 something-ish to be exact. I've done the dishes, started a load of whites and vacuumed the living room. So I think I will send out todays post and try to go back to bed. I hate when Jimmy is not around-its hard to fall asleep when your hubby hasn't kissed the top of your forehead and said he'll be here if you need anything. 

Todays Post is about 3 things:
1. My pretty green dress I bought at goodwill... it's actually hand sewn
2. A pretty pearl necklace collar that Victoria had me try on at the flea market... and then I just couldn't take off
3. my first apron... my first anything really of sewing on my own

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Lolly said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Your blog is adorable.....and I love the pearls, dress, and your apron!! Great job!