2 Mushrooms

Today 2 very special new things came to my home. 
1 is a lamp I ordered from work a couple of months ago
 from one of our venders - Arteriors. 
2 is even more special because its the sweetest little mushroom a girl could ever know.

Eva at  Effunia made this little darling 
and this is what she said about her:
"Lisa's favorite season is summer, because she loves to sell lemonade when it's really hot outside. She's a very happy mushroom and her life's motto truly is "if life gives you lemons, make lemonade." A true optimist. With some of her savings, she plans on buying herself a pet snail :)"

Oh how could you resist that! I just knew the instant I saw her that I had to adopt her and raise her in my home. This weekend Lisa and I plan to go pick out her own pet snail. & oh did I mention that Lisa brought a friend. Seems she just couldn't face the trip alone, so a super cute little lemon came along. 

Thanks Eva, I am so pleased to have one of your amazing creations! Your creations are so well made and have such wonderful personalities. I look forward to seeing and maybe owning more of your beautiful works of love!

Cutest wrapping... with the personalized shrink a dink! 
(is that what thats called? I forget I haven't seen anything like this sense I was a little girl)


christina said...

Ohmygosh - that is SO CUTE!

LizzieJane said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.
Love your new purchases they are adorable!

Ivey Handcrafted said...

Super cute blog - thanks for saying hello on my blog! xoxo

Rachael Herbert said...

What adorable purchases!

Eva said...

awww!!! you're too kind :D that makes my day to see Lisa in a great new home and I'm so glad you liked everything. Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog too!!! I love the lamp- great pics!