Birthday Girl

Today is my Birthday!

I thought today would be an appropriate time to share with you these adorable birthday cards I purchased this spring. They are just so sweet! Oh I can only imagine what a very lovely day it would be to have cake with little forest creatures and be sung to by your friends and a croaking toad. Actually I have lovely plans today. First, off to the flea market for birthday finds. & then a matinee with my best pal Victoria to see Sex and the City. & after that dinner with the folks to have yummy yummy sushi. & if I haven't had quite enough fun... then we will end at my favorite dessert place called pix for a special birthday treat! Wow what a Wonderful Day! I can't wait!


Patty said...

I'm sorry I missed it. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day. Those cards are so cute!

Eva said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday :D you've had an eventful life- i'll have to check our blog more often!