Go Rooster!

At age 3 my brother learned to ride a bike without training wheels. By 4 he had graduated to his own pee wee motorcycle. Before he could have it he had to be able to pick it up on his own. Everyday Jake would go to the bike shop and would give it his all. He has been giving his all to the sport of motocross ever since. 

source of image unknown

My brother is a driven young man. A man any sister would be proud of. He is hard working, ambitious and extremely humble. Life hasn't always been easy for Jake, but he never gave up on his dreams. His childhood was filled with long days of practice and endless sacrifices.
Today my little brother is a professional motocross rider with a bright future! 

Image source: VitalMX

I wish you a successful and safe season! 
Make yourself Proud!
You already made me proud!!!

Love Always,


Whimsical Creations said...

wow that's impressive!

Chelsea Ling said...

aww this is a sweet post :)

Pieceful Bits said...

Ride Jake ride! What a great sis too!

creative breathing said...

Chelsea Ann, I love this story about your brother. One evening my daughter brought home one of these professional motor cross racers (she won't tell me his name for this post). Her Dad was away on a trip, my mouth fell open when in walked this very handsome Man, not the usual skinny tall boys she likes. I know that your brother would know him, that's why she won't tell me his name. I have this side of me that surprises everyone that knows me. I love cars and motorcycles. I am sorry her relationship ended before I got to see him race. Oh well - on to the next! I love the pictures you posted climbing the rocks. I have almost the same picture of myself! It seems we have lived parallel lives! I'll have to post it one day. Great post! E