A Very Vintage Friday

I've been adding new items to my ittybittybirdy shop over the last few weeks. Here are just a few of the of the adorable clothing items I've added. I've also added some really sweet nursery decor items. Today I went into a children's resale shop in town and was pretty surprised by how high the prices were. I try my best to keep my prices fair based on what I paid for them and the quality of the pieces. I really love collecting vintage children's items. There is something so sweet and charming about each item I find. Each item has a story and I can't help but day dream about the stories they might yet have. Special birthday parties, a picnic with the family, a day spent with grandma... I've always been the type of girl who remembers what I was wearing at special moments in my life. I was very clear to my husband that when he proposed to me I wanted to be wearing a dress. I didn't want to remember for the rest of my life that I was wearing sweat pants or didn't have my makeup on. The night Jim proposed he told me we were going to a company christmas party. I was grumpy with him on the phone that day when he said he was running a little behind. I hate being late. Well there really wasn't a party after-all... my husband had honored my wish and had made sure I was in a dress. A brand new Christmas dress. Long black dress with sequins around the neck. I smile every-time I see it in the closet. 

Next two are my personal favorites at the moment. 
It's hard sometimes not talking myself into keeping each and everyone of them. 

Have A lovely Friday~ oh my it's almost over... I better publish this post before it's too late :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh I like your vintage friday, Chelsea Ann ! and such a sweet little green princess dress ! Have a lovely weekend :)