Project Dress Up Week 1

At the end of my new years resolution post last week I shared with you all that I was going to try to dress up everyday. The idea is to find out how the way I dress might change my life. I already know that dressing up changes the way I feel about myself. Somehow a dress makes me more cheerful and even more productive. Also the interactions I have with others changes; from my husband to total strangers I am approached and treated differently. I will be trying my best to document my experiences, whatever they may be. I will also try to take pictures of my outfits as often as possible. I husband drives me crazy when he takes my picture so hopefully I will be able to purchase a tripod at some point. 

Week 1
I started the week out with the flu... not a very good way to start project dress up! So I decided I would at least wear my vintage nightgown and a pretty rob around the house instead of frumpy sweatpants. It was actually surprising nice to feel pretty while being sick, but unfortunately I spilt red kool-aid all over me and ended up resorting to sweatpants by the end of the day. 

Once the icky flu bug was gone it was full steam ahead. the first day I wore the black dress with my aqua slip over it and a vintage apron. Vintage Vintage Vintage! I was called doll by at-least 3 people and received some really lovely smiles. It's nice to make people smile. I'm a pretty smily person by nature. I figure when I get old and have wrinkles I want it to be very clear they were from smiling and not frowning.  But I think I smile even more when I'm all dressed up. 
Day 2 I scored this great vintage doll house at goodwill for $3. This is an incredible price for my neck of the woods. I already have the same house in blue with the yellow roof so now I can start my own neighborhood. Lots of compliments on my socks. (thanks Alissa) 
Note to self - buy more socks.
I'm actually think I could use a lot more accessories. If I want to get peoples attention I'm going to need to be a bit more over the top. I would love to find some great vintage hats. 

I love this purple dress. I call it my honeymoon dress. My husband and I went to Disney World for our honeymoon and this was my Minnie Mouse dress.  
This was a really fun day 
~ my pal Alissa and I went to the Goodwill Outlet Store (a.k.a. The Bins)
For the very first time. 
The Bins is were everything is taken before it goes into stores. Almost everything is sold my the pound. I really can't tell you how crazy this place was. Thank goodness we did our research and came prepared with gloves and a full stomach. You have to work as a team and be aggressive if you really want to come home with the best stuff.  I got some really crazy looks from people when they saw I was dressed up for such a place... but really it wasn't that bad.
All I know is I am NEVER going to a regular goodwill ever again! 
I'm already chomping at the bit to go to the bins again.

Day 4 
Really strange thing happened. I was getting my husband a coffee and a little girl with her father kept pointing at me. I wasn't wearing anything over the top this day. Just a simple dress. Makes me wonder what little children think of girls in dresses. Is it such an uncommon sight?
What was she thinking? I should have asked, because know it's really starting to bug me?
Maybe she thought I was a princess? That would be lovely.

Overall the week was really good. I felt more energetic and positive 
and while getting dressed up took a bit of extra time each day 
I felt it was well worth it 
- even if I was just going to the post office.


Christy A. said...

Hey, you're bringing romantic ladylike attitude back! Dress-up everyday could just start a revolution. You go, girl!

Chelsea Ling said...

I am always so envious of your clothes, and your style :) you aways looks so nice and pretty and pulled together... I wis I could dress like that.

Pieceful Bits said...

Aren't you the sweetest thing!! I would point and stare to..and be envious

Alissa said...

What a lovely post! You look soo darling in your strawberry knee-high socks. And I'll confirm that that is the exact Fisher Price house I had as a child. It's so nice to see it. I had so much fun at the Goodwill Outlet... I can say this will definitely be a monthly activity for us! Have a swell week. :)

creative breathing said...

Hi Chelsea Ann, I am okay today. Your posts always make me remember why I enjoy blogging so much! I posted a picture today about dresses. People have actually said to me that they didn't know I had legs because I always wear dresses! I always have since I was a little girl, and my daughter only wears dresses. She wears only Goodwill clothes and looks stunningly cute! Thanks for a smile a day! I can't wait to see more! E

Anonymous said...

your blog is awesome, i'm definitely going to make sure i keep updated on this dress-up experiment.

this is alissa's sister btw :)

Kasey said...

How wonderful dresses!! I love those pictures!!

Lisa the Lovely said...

Gorgeous! I thought the outlets were where items went if the regular stores didn't sell them. I've been to one once, and yes there were definitely people like you prepared w/ gloves and some teammates!

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

You are a living doll.....My daughter went to one of the goodwill outlets and told me all about the BINS and shovels too~LOL

valerie said...

i agree with everyone else... you look stunning! that first photo is truly beautiful. it is fun to see children's reactions to different and dressy clothes. i dressed up in a vintage dress and put on wings at our school halloween carnival. one of the students came up to me and i knelt down to say hello. i'll never forget how she whispered "magic" as she touched my face. i think she really thought i was magic! anyway, your outfits are cute! i was a bit more adventurous when i was younger when it came to clothing. i can't wait to see more! thanks for sharing!

Karen said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who gets dressed up to go to the post office, thrift shops and craft stores! You do get - and give- more smiles, also doors held and "have a nice day"s! And I feel better too. So-o-o worth it!

Sadie Lou said...

You are adorable!
Love you, Sweets!!

blossomnbird said...

I love your dressup project...When our weather gets cooler I might join you too. I so miss "dressing up". Living on an island and working from home I usually dress very comfortably(except when i go to town; woohoo dress up time :)!
Oh and I'm sure that little girl was saying you were a princess.
And gosh oh gosh I'd love to come to that thrift store with you, what fun!!

Gina said...

You look so cute all dressed up! Love the knee socks. I'm a big lover of those socks. The one with the ruffles is adorable!
Keep inspiring us.

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