All Dolled Up - Giveaway Teaser

I can't wait for the All Dolled Up party! How about you?
Well I really really hope you are because it is going to be supper dupper fun 
and there are going to be such lovely people to visit,
 and sugary sweet treats to win! 

Meet the Lollidolls
These sweet Kokeshi dolls made especially by me 
are going to 3 lucky winners! 
Yupp Yupp! 
And thats not even all... 
There will be prizes of all shapes and sizes...
I'm not revealing all them quite yet because many of them are part of my new collection for Keepsake Cakes.

You will have to stop by ~ just to see all the craziness I have been up too lately. My little mind is twirling and whirling. New ideas keep popping into my head. I'm quite sure days before the party I will be a giddy and crazy and wont be able to sit still. There is so much yet to do I can hardly sit now!

So meet the girls ~

Abby likes to bake and garden and she always wears pink. 

Klara ~
Klara is a such a story teller. She also tends to be a bit forgetful. 

Bailey loves to host parties for her friends. She is always cheerful and loves to sing

Make sure you stop by Valentine's Day to find out how you can win one of these girls and many other special surprises!


Alissa said...

Klara's hair is so cute! Enjoy the sunny day in Portland! :)

Laura Marie said...

O My Giddy Gosh!! i want one!!! ... they are soooo sweet!!


Lavender Dreamer said...

They are perfect sweetness! Love them!

Bethany Hissong said...

I absolutely LOVE these!!! You are so good at them!!! Of course I feel like we're kokeshi sisters now!!! You inspire me Chelsea Ann!!!

Christy A. said...

Super sweet kokeshis! I love them!

mandapanda said...

Thay are just gorgeous! So cute!!

Jorgelina said...

I absolutely love these!!!
Very cute!!

Kristen said...

Your Kokeshi dolls are too sweet, I LOVE the colors you used.

I'm loving your Project Dress up! My Grandmother always dressed up, I had never seen her looking anything but classy & very well put together~ she would be horrified at the way I leave the house some days.

PaisleyJade said...

I love them! Such cute little things.

Gina said...

They are cute! I love the one with the 2 little buns. I wore my hair like that once with my two buns low. Embarrassed the kids to
Someone's going to be lucky to get one those.

jessica said...

They are just adorable and your colors are fabulous! So happy to have found your wonderful blog!

Ruth said...

They are so cute, and I loved you project dress up aswell. When I go out with my friends in the evening we dress up more often than not, and it really does change the whole night. I always feel more relaxed straight away. We do not manage to dress up anway near as stylishly as you do though :)

Chelsea Ling said...

Oh chelsea these are so cute!!!

creative breathing said...

What a fabulous giveaway! You are parting with one of your drawings! I swear if Klara had auburn hair, she would be me - forgetful! Good luck on your event. Can't wait to see all the at you have made. E