Abby Doll - GIVEAWAY - Street Fashion

Meet Abby!
1 sweet little doll 2 cute looks
YUPP no joke! I've finally spread my wings and taking that fretful first step out of my nest
Drawing has always been my number one passion 
but I've been quite frightened 
not quite sure of myself. 
But my numero uno goal this year was to show the world my artwork
and to build a little portfolio.

Abby is just the start...
I'm completing new drawing each week!
My real hope is to make a giant switch from being a "crafter" to an artist of sorts
I have embarked on something very exciting I feel
...started to travel a new path
I'm excited and giddy and so fantastically optimistic!
OH I do hope you will all come to love my style
and that you'll take this ride with me
that you will all say "I knew her when..."
hehe I am not trying to say I shall get a big head or that anything will come of this
I'm just really proud of myself I guess
I've never been quite so proud of myself before
I am embracing me! 

So anywho...
about this first reveal
I made the paper dolls which I think are precious but perhaps not very practical
They look impossibly difficult to cut out...
so I wanted to offer another option... and perhaps another
what I was thinking was like a "finer" print
to go along...
but I'm not the most skilled gal on the computer
in fact I'm pretty much self taught
so I made the above little print of Abby's and Cadberry Bunny's Silhouette  
Quite cute I think but what of the color pencil work?
hmmmmm back to the drawing board?
I like the very top top image of Abby in both of her outfits but I think it a bit strange to have the same doll and well I just could not take it any further at this point
So any suggestions? It would be so much appreciated!!!
I do hope you will share your thoughts! All of them!!! 
The Good The Bad and the ugly (if appropriate)
oh and yes their will be more dolls!

As for sales
Tuff Tuff
pricing stinks!
But My hope is to always sell in pairs.

So in my shop now is
Abby Paper Doll + Abby & Cadberry Bunny Silhouette + Free Shipping!
I spent the morning at the print shop going over every little detail...
in fact tomorrow I have to go back for some small little changes that needed to be made
but the colors ~ especially of my pencil work are perfect!!! Yeah
Who knew there was such a difference between RGB and CMYK!

AND oh oh oh
I'm GIVING AWAY one of these PRINT SETS to one of YOU!
Just comment on this post!
The winner will be announced Monday
which just happens to be MY BIRTHDAY!

OK so part 2 of this blog post is about Fashion!
I have been really super into Japanese and Chinese fashion as of late
Primarily the Harajuku, Decora & Kawaii, and Lollita Styles.
I am not well educated on these styles by any means...
It's a wonderful spectators sport really ~ I can't really imagine 
dressing quite as outrageously as some of these girls and boys do

My pal Ashlee introduced me to the Lollita Fashion
I know their are different names it goes by in America 
because of the icky thoughts people have about the word Lollita (Because of the book..)
but I don't recall it so do forgive me

I just LOVE this sweet baby doll style
it's oobber fun to dress this way 
I think the shoes are actually the best part
ugggg if only it all wasn't so expensive!

Here I am in Lollita fashion being quite silly 
The style I guess is actually quite rigid and strict
I was told my beaver hat would just not do!
Well how rude! I love my hat and thought it was perfect!

Ashlee has an amazing wardrobe
it's like  heaven being in her closet

Had to show this picture because for the last couple of months 
I have been dying to have light pink hair
My family thinks I am crazy!
But this girl looks adorable!
I've just got to try it at-least once
p.s. please click on the image to find the wonderful owner of these beautiful images :)

So i think this is what they would consider the Harajuku style or "Street fashion"
I did a little project dress up the other day that I think kind of embodies this colorful whimsical over the top fashion...
except not so over the top in my case 

Oh my poor car...
It's had NO key for gosh almost a year...
I've got to fix him (Goose) up and sell him 
and buy a manly truck to pull our new "old" trailer with

Not sure about these close ups? But I like them at the same time...

Just had to show this last pic
I just love it.
Not sure if it's the adorable girl, the pose, outfit or what?
But anywho... I do hope you all had a great great week and that your weekend doesn't rush buy too quickly! 
Please leave a comment for your chance to win a print
and more importantly just to give me feedback!


*Evelyn* said...

hELLO !! I love all your picks....
Have a nice weekend


msartist said...

I would love to win your print sets...I have a little girl 7yr and never want to grow up myself ;)
I enjoy visiting your website.
xx crossing our fingers, Theresa

Folksie Linda said...

I love all the pics too Chelsea Ann and you are an artist already sweetie.. your work is fabulous!

She'sSewPretty said...

First off, I have to say that you are extremely talented. Your paper dolls are adorable. I think they would be cute framed on the wall!
As for your fashion style. Good for you! I wish I had been more adventurous when I was your age. I'm way too old to dress like that now!

KreatedByKelly said...

Your drawings are beautiful! Best wishes on your new endeavor *smiles*

Christina said...

Your drawings look great, and are very sweet. :)

Pieceful Bits said...


You silly, you are an ARTIST! I would love a fine print of yours! I have heard about that "color" issue, but do not know much about it!

Stephanie said...

I love these prints! What a great gift for my neices!

Tiedupmemories said...

Wow! Very sweet! You are quite talented! Love your drawings! This is an adorable blog you have too!Keep those dolls coming!

Chelsea Ling said...

If I had a little girl, I would hang your print in her room :)

hiccupp said...

Those are FANTASTIC!! so sweet and perfect, you're increadibly talented!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I say go for it...color your hair "light pink"! If I were younger I would do it! You would look cute and you can always dye it back. My daughter is an excellent hair stylist here in Portland (actually Sherwood). She is especially great with color if you need a referral just email me!

Your artwork is gorgeous! Wish I could draw like that! awesome...

Please add my name to your giveaway "jar"!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Panda said...

The doll you drew is so precious! The coloring is very well done too. I think it looks great. I can't wait to see more dolls. :) I also love lolita fashion... I would love to have some of the dresses but they are indeed expensive. D: Great post! :D

sassypackrat said...

I think you are quite an excellent artist. I wish I drew half as well as you! I completely understand the fear of putting yourself out there when you're not sure where you stand. Terrifing! Congrats on overcoming the fear!

I love the soft color pencil style or your drawings, the style is similar to paperdoll styles of the 1950's and just super! Can't wait to see what else you come up with.

Please add me to your giveaway I'd love to have a print of yours hanging in my studio!

Anonymous said...

I simply love!!!dressing up in Lollita and Sailor Fuku!! My cousin lived in Japan and use to post pics of it on her facebook. She sent me a site that I found less expensive clothes.

The mary janes are nice but I grew up wearing tennis sneakers with my girly outfits (I loved to run around alot and ride my bike), it still sort of stuck with me. I wonder if its weird?

p.s. Oh its called Cosplay that is the other name for it besides Lollita. Keep up your fashion posts. ;o)

Sadie Lou said...

Simply darling artwork Chels!
I have wanted light pink hair since I saw Marie Antoinette.
Remember her light pink hair?
The very bestest.
However, me thinks it would look better on a sweet, pretty Asian girl than big, tall, me!
Could you imagine the upkeep too?
Anyhoo--I look forward to talking to you this weekend--

katydiddy said...

It's wonderful that you are taking the leap into drawing. What talent! Keep going-you are definately on the right track. Did I mention how much I love paper dolls? I sure would like some, yes indeed.

creative breathing said...

Anywho Chelsea Ann, What a fun post! You would love my daughter's town where EVERYONE dresses in a unique and highly fashionable creative way. I always say my daughter is ahead of the trend in style. The little girls in my neighborhood can't wait for her visits just to see her twirly swirly skirts! Can't wait for your trailer posts! Have a great week! E

Pink Slippers said...

DO enter mo in the giveaway. And do post a picture if you go for the light pink hair. Adorable!

Christy said...

You've always been an artist Chelsea, no doubt ! I'm happy you're exploring your gifts and actually flying! You go girl!!!

Goosegirl said...

I love the dolls and the doll and bunny pictures would be perfect on my sewing room wall! Oh please!

Anonymous said...

I love the look of your blog. Can I get a template like yours?
PLEASE answer

Alissa said...

Finally catching up with stuff on the internet. It sure stinks when your internet goes down for two whole days! Eek! I think your Abby paper dolls are darling. I'm very excited for this new drawing direction you are taking. Annnd I can't wait to see more and more Chelsea kawaii drawings. I wish you luck completing a new drawing each week. It has been tough for me lately! Your silhouette works are really cute too. It's nice to see them after you described them to me. Annnd I agree, I think you should totally dye your hair light pink. It would fit you perfect.

SusieQ said...

Hi Chelsea Ann, lovely print! you are so adorable! only you could get away with it though..... oh and pink hair would look lovely on you!
higgs, SusieQ

apparentlyjessy said...

Ok Miss Chelsea Ann! Let me work my way through this wonderfully long blog post...

First of all, I adore your paper dolls, they are just gorgeous, I love the vintage look to them, and the outfits are just stunning! I love love love the unicorn and umbrella that goes with Abby! You know I would love this just as a print, there is something so charming about it, I think it would look gorgeous framed in a craft room.

Secondly,as you may have seen on my blog, I am learning about Lolita fashion too, there are so many rules and politics that come with it, I know I wouldn't be able to stick to within the guidelines. Sweet Lolita style is my favourite too, its just so pretty, I smile every time I see it. The shoes definitely are the best part of it, although the skirts come a close second.
I love your red loli dress! Gotta love those bloomers too! ;)
I have been dying to dye my hair baby pink for ages too! We should take the plunge together, although I doubt my boss would like that very much! hehe

So yeah, that's the end of my long comment, LOVE your paper dolls girl, keep em coming!

Oh and remember to get back to me soon on your colour choices for the tote bag and necklace soon so I can get started on making them, I have some ideas if you would like a surprise!

xox Jessy

Anonymous said...

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M. Leyre ^^