ittybittybirdy Buyout

It's really not as bad as my title suggests
it's a little sad but at the same time very exciting
I've decided to CLOSE my ittybittybirdy vintage children's store
I'm not sure if there is just no market for such sweet things
or the economy, or my poor marketing skills
but the shop has been a flop

But don't fret.. not all is lost
ittybittybirdy Print Shop
is moving in

The move will happen Friday
I will featuring a new set of prints!
From a series entitled:
Sugar Belly

(here is a little sneak peak to perk your taste buds)

So what will happen to all the vintage children's stuff?
Well I'll just have to use it myself I guess!


just incase any of you had an eye for something in the shop...
You can make purchases until thursday afternoon
with ANY purchase you will receive a $10 Coupon
towards a purchase at ittybittybirdy Print Shop!

~Chelsea Ann


Pink Trees and Sunshine said...

The title is soooo funny, Chelsea Ann!!! Is your new shop your Etsy shop or your Lollishops shop?

apparentlyjessy said...

Oh what a shame you will have to close your children's clothing shop, you find the cutest little outfits! I hope you sell lots in your final sale!

But I am SO excited by your print shop! I love the cute Fun fair food its so sweet! That fairy love love it!

Rose said...

Oh thats so sad you have to close your kiddies clothes shop. At least you get to keep them for yourself, I bet when you sell them its hard to part with them!
I think your print shop will go really well, you have such cute prints :)


Retro Plants said...

sad to hear you are closing. . . but at least you will get to have some GORGEOUS vintage pieces for your own little birdies :)
your new venture seems to me will be full of pure delight!
i am SURE it will do good. . . the sweetness is overwhelming!
i *heart* the cotton candy :)

Sadie Lou said...

What a wonderful Idea! And I love that darling banner--you know I'll be there to help you promote it! And is guest checkout welcome--so you don't have to spend time making an account--(just a little incentive for all your buyers)
Best of luck!

valerie said...

i just loved your baby items... every time i looked in there i thought, 'if only i had a baby'... i always loved that little dress with the froggy on it! i even fretted over using something from there in the small shoot, but unfortunately every thing was too little :(

as for your print shop, wow! your illustrations are awesomely cute! it'll be great!

katydiddy said...

I received my package of paper dolls! What a treat! Thanks for all the extras thrown in. You are such a peach.