Little Buckaroo Baby Shower

It's just my luck that the post office comes out with cowboy stamps
just a few weeks after I post the invites to my little sisters
cowboy themed baby shower

I LOVE planning parties
especially coming up with unique personal touches on a budget
yeah- something about being strapped for cash really inspires me
The invites turned out super cute and unique and were really cheap!
I used a bandana Martha Stewart 6 x 6 paper pad
from Walmart - 36 for just $6
I folded them in half and then glued my custom invite in the inside
no need for envelops!!
just close with a round clear sticker and attach address on a white mailing label

The cowboy birds I scanned in from a card
Diane of Saturday Finds was so kind to send me
and the background is from a digi kit from A Print A Day
I can't find it in her shop... she may have discontinued it?

It's hard to decorate a giant space
wallpapered and covered in every other material
entirely in maroon and forest green
but I did my best :)
You got to love after holiday sales
easter grass, buckets, and pinwheels
all at 50% off!

It was a really special day
Jordy was just glowing
she's gone a long way from calling the baby "it"
to calling me to discuss baby powder, brands of diaper, the the nursery

One thing I would like to help her get is a vinyl decal for the nursery
I like these choices from etsy venders
(click on images for sources)

I'm so excited to meet my nephew!
Jordy is going to be a great momma
and while I can't stop being jealous
I'm excited to be an aunt
and hopefully my own blessing will come along
and we can raise our children together
I never had cousins my own age
I think that would be rather special
for both the kids and for us sisters
but as I have shared before pregnancy doesn't seem to be in the books for me
at-least right now - Jim and I are looking into becoming foster parents
I'm nervous, anxious and excited about the idea
I know it will be hard... but I know it will have rewards
for Jim and I and for the children we welcome into our home


ricebabies said...

So pretty. I just LOVE the idea. I am from Texas origianlly and have two boys. So the theme mnakes my heart melt.

I am sure you will get that little one you dream of and be a great mom. I had problems and now I am expecting my third.

vivian said...

How wonderful of you to make your sisters shower so special! I have a feeling one of these days, before you know it, she'll be throwing one just as special for you!
hugs and sweet dreams

Creative Breathing said...

Things are coming along Chelsea Ann. This new old place suits you. Being needed is such a wonderful balm. Your party turned out so wonderful. I can't wait to see photos of your new home. PS Be sure and check out the very amazing find that now resides in my craft room. Such a lucky day. So happy to see your post! We miss you when you are gone! Elizabeth

sassypackrat said...

Love the invites! Too cute!
Best wishes to you as always!

♥zoe♥ said...

Hello Chelsea!
Look so adorable invites:) And your digiscrap always so cute and lovely. Wishing you and your sweetheart have a wonderful life journey!


Retro Plants said...

those invitations!
holy cowboy!
too sweet. . . your such a good sister ;)
nothing like a baby shower to put a smile on your face :)
babies do that!