I've always wanted to own by own boutique
growing up in a small town I couldn't have really understood the term
but the vision was always clear in my head
when I step into a small shop I instantly feel at home.
Sometimes I loose myself in a dream
when an abandon shop-front sits lonely across the street from me
of coarse in this economic blah blah blah that we find ourselves in
my dream seems lost and well quite frank - silly

Image from Flickr member zozma*

I don't know what's in-store for my future
but right now I am unemployed, broke as a joke
and actually quite happy
but life demands money does it not
oh good grief does it!
Moving to the middle of nowhere has made finding a job
TERRIFYING and well in my mind hopeless
I think it is all rather more in my head
plus the idea of working for minimum wage makes me want to die inside
not that I feel I am too good for it
but honestly I don't much care for "working" in general
and I have a college degree for goodness sakes
well anywho
I have a short period of time to prove to myself and my hubby
that I can make a few extra $$$ without leaving the house

I know it's crazy
but honestly if you lived out here
you might never want to leave either :)
plus not leaving the house means not spending $$$
ha except gosh dang electricity bills are not pleasant on the eyes
I've got to cut down on my showers and such
lol and my darling vintage fridge my hubby got me
was probably not the smartest move
for both the green movement or the green in our wallets

So what is my plan?
Sell, Sale, Sell, Sale
I never can tell which spelling is correct
have I told you before I have major issues with the english language
well that is a topic for an entirely different post

For the next few months I can not be gloomy
I can not NOT not doubt myself
I can do this! I can! I CAN!

My shop has always been more of a hobby
but now it's my lively hood!
So look out world - my little blogging world -
this gal might just start sounding like a used car salesman

So you know how my shop sidebar button
has the

Well I'm finally dragging out all the items
I was always intending to list
like this sweet retro baby mobile
so there you have it - Thrift Shop!

I hope you all wont mind me sharing
what I'm posting in my shop from time to time
No pressure sales or anything
it's just that I'm passionate about what I put in my shop
from the vintage finds to my homemade sweets
plus for now on it's what I'll be spending the majority of my time doing
I'm sure to have arthritis one day from all the fabric yoyos

just a few of the headbands I listed yesterday :)

Hope you are having a great week!
Any fun plans for this weekend?
I'm quite anxious about this weekend
you see my little brother is fast on his way to winning
Two more races to go -
one this weekend
and the last in Salt Lake City - May 1st
Jim and I are going to see him there
I'll be sure to post about it more soon!
I have knots in my stomach just thinking about it
I can't even imagine the pressure and excitement
he must be going through!

HUGS!!! ~ Chelsea Ann


♥ Liefgeval ♥ said...

I share your dream of owning my own boutique! We never know what the future may bring us, right :)?
I share your unemployment and broke as a joke too :) plus life is so darn expensive! Well at least you have a college degree (in what may i ask ;)?)
You shouldn't doubt yourself, you're the best! I'm looking forward to your thrift shop goodies and your new yoyo headbands look fabulous as always!

Tara said...

As a fellow stay-at-homer in smalltown Idaho I am rooting for you to prove to your hubby that you can make something of yourself right at home! I am lucky enough to have inherited some money that allowed me to make my dream of staying home a reality. I actually think my hubby is happier with me at home because the house is clean, dinner gets made, etc. And I always dream of opening a boutique when I walk by an empty shopspace. Well, a girl can dream!

Mica said...

I wish you the best in this. We too are struggling with the times. My hubby is a full time student. I am a full time mother who home schools my two kids and an artist/doll maker on the side. I have been selling on Etsy to make a few extra bucks even if it just goes towards the groceries it helps. But hey we can do it. I encourage what you are venturing to do and someday I will have a sop of my own and you will too...tee hee..Blessings, Mica from The Child's paper and Garb-oodles

Mica said...

Not sop...I meant SHOP...duh!!! You know what I mean....I hope...Mica

Creative Breathing said...

Chelsea Ann, Every single day I tell my husband I am not cut out to work! I enjoy my home too much. Same ugly electric bills here! I wish you much success and sales in your shop venture! Always, Elizabeth

Pieceful Bits said...

Chelsea Ann,
You're yo-yo's are the sweetest!
Best of luck in your shops! my hubby just went back to work yesterday after 3 months of unemployment. there has to be hope for us all soon!
Have a terrific weekend.

agravette said...

Can't wait to check out your thrift shop! I am crrently looking for anything irmi and vintage nursery. Love sweet baby things!

Megan V said...

Chelsea Ann! I'm about to be joining your club!! Evan and I are moving to Estherville, Iowa which is a tiny little town surrounded by, well, not much! Leaving our jobs, careers, behind. He's going to go to school and I'm going to be opening up my etsy shop, at last. I am not going to consider myself "unemployed"... I will be "self employed". You should say the same! Let's support each other in following our dreams!!!

Brian Burke said...

I have checked in on your blog for almost a year because you are so unique and creative. I could imagine you working as a designer or decorator, especially for child's rooms, doing web design and graphics, selling local businesses on social networking and a blog (many rural businesses are still in need of that), doing some pet-sitting... the sky is really the limit with your talents. Check out a local Chamber of Commerce event, it's a good way to network and get to know business. Best of luck in your endeavors!

Retro Plants said...

unemployment. . . *sigh*.
know that feeling.
but, like you said. . . you can do it!
business at home?
sounds terrific and ideal.
and i KNOW you can do it!
go Chelsea Ann :)

owning a boutique!?!
i know that feeling too!
but that is a nice one :)
good for you for going for it. . . thrift is the new chic!

lots of love and good luck to your bro!
SLC. . . my old haunt foo!
you gotta respect the SLC.
i LOVE it there.
the mountains. . . the block streets. . . the little shops. . . the Western feel. . . and YES! {dare i say} the Mormons! ;) mormons can be cool. . . contrary to popular belief! ;)

have fun and PLEASE, pretty PLEASE go and eat at Cafe Rio (4th and ?. . . i forget. . . but it's on 4th street downtown) and Crown Burger!
oh good Pastrami!
Crown Burger *swoon* grease heaven!
order a "crown burger". . . they put pastrami on it! mmm. . . mmm. . . MMMMM!

kay ellen said...

Wonderful post~~~ it has been a while since I popped over!!~~~such a cute blog~~~~and I love those adorable headbands you made:)

Have a lovely sunday afternoon!and keep dreamin and creating!!

Kay Ellen