A Busy March It Was

WoWe can you believe it,
We've just about made it to april already!
How time flies when you are busy
and indeedy I sure have been a busy girl.
Been working like a mad woman on yoyo pretties.
Even been working on some rather top secret newbie items
which I am sure will come out of hiding
real soon! Can't hardly wait!
Have I ever told you
I'm very very bad at keeping secrets!

Now I would like to direct your attention
to an amazing etsy shop
I'm sure Shelly's work is no secret to the majority of you
I've been quite smitten with her work
for quite some time
and now that she has digi kits
I can really stock up on all the bright, patchwork
creations that make this shop undoubtably

Happy April Fools Day
I wish you all a wonderful weekend!
& that's no joke :D


Just me.....Shelly said...

you are so so sweet, so kind of you to add my goodies! i am always honored to be a part of your spectacular blog!

NightEssie said...

Oh the colors on the things on the photo's are so pretty, love love love...