Yippee ki-yay Cowgirl Party

Recently I've had a hand full of customers
tell me that their yoyo headband
is for their little girls birthday party.
How I will love to one day plan out
my children's birthday bashes.
No chucky cheese for me
I'm a backyard, slumber party kind of gal.
So until that day comes I thought I would live
vicariously through my blog
and come up with some birthday party ideas
inspired by my YoYo Headband creations.

My new Rhinestone Cowgirl Headband
would be perfect for a cowgirl themed party.

Pink and brown
and good ol' country staples
like homemade pink lemonade
served up in mason jars.

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1 comment:

♥ Liefgeval ♥ said...

Well you know what? I think you should have a cowgirl themed party for yourself :D! You are never to old to dress up and have fun. I wish I did this on my birthday teehee joy!
Hugs Nikki