My poor sweet Miller Dog is not feeling well. Not his happy trouble-making self today, 
& I wasn't feeling much better :( 

But Miller did manage to get himself in just a little bit a trouble:
He kinda destroyed one of my old sketchbooks!

So I was picking up the remains and stumbled upon this drawing I had made Jimmy of my dream wedding ring. I also still have a clip earring that I gave Jim way before he was ever ring shopping. I found it an an antique store and they didn't have the match so they just gave it to me. The ring hunt was actually kind of a crazy. First I wanted a pink stone. But they were either to much or not durable enough. Then I really wanted a opal. But once again not durable enough. I was bound and determined that I didn't want a diamond. One day we were shopping at Costco and Jim pointed out this ring. I saw it and fell in love instantly.  So I started out not wanting any diamonds to getting 38 of them! Funny how those things happen! 
Anyways... just another trip down memory lane.


Patty said...

Pretty ring! I hope you and Miller both feel better soon.

Laura Marie said...

that ring is gorgouse!! i love the idea of a pink stone, but diamonds are soo pretty :)

really hope that u and Miller get better soon...


Anonymous said...

You have a very lovely ring ! And I suppose Mister Miller and yourself are fealing much better today ?

Have a lovely Friday :)

I love th photo of Mister Miller in his car :)

Bethany Hissong said...

I love your ring too! I hope your doggie is himself now and not chewing up any more art!!!