Bee Happy It's Friday!

Finding fun in simple ways makes the happiest days.

Does anyone have an answer to our poor honey bee dilemma?
... I need to read more about it 
but I haven't seen a single busy bee this year!


Eva said...

i know it's so sad! i've seen just a few and quite a few dead ones :(

I guess it's called Colony Collapse Disorder. You can actually listen about the topic here

Anonymous said...

They were five ! They were five !

I know ! It's a real disaster in France too :( (They are talking about pesticide here...) said...

"There were five!"

Hi Chelsea! I noticed your question about colored chalkboard paint and just wanted to let you know that there are directions to make your own colored paint under the additional links at the bottom of the post. Using this you can make it any color you want!
I love your blog! We ripped out our front yard and planted local wildflowers for the bees. It's a bee paradise now! Every bit helps!