Working Towards A Happier Me!

I'm working towards a more happy and better me. 

1. Don't get sooo stressed out about keeping the house clean
2. Work on one project at a time... try not to get overwhelmed
3. Get organized
4. Take vitamins and floss more
5. Try new things
6. Give
7. Cook more
8. Stop Dreaming - Start Doing
9. Be more careful with my money
10. Just Be ME!

So to keep me on track I'm going to try to blog about what I'm doing and NOT doing:

Today I:
1. Tried something new
 - I did my hair and kept it down all day

2. Be better with my money
-I opened a new checking, savings and business account 
(so that I can track where my money is going.) 
-I also got a new Drivers License today. I
 am now officially Mrs. R. Only took 13 months

3. Get Organized
- look at what I did with my craft supplies for my Etsy project. 
All my supplies in one place! WooHoo!

4. Cook More
- I went to grocery store with a plan today. Recipes in hand!
tonight - tuna casserole
tomorrow - scalloped potatoes and ham

5. Clean Without Stress
- a whole afternoon of cleaning without hyperventilating or getting grouchy with Jim.
I also didn't stress about getting the whole house done- it can wait for tomorrow.

Wish me luck! I want to be a more up-beat happy girl! 
I've never been one to make lists but you have to make changes to see change!

What do you think about my new glasses?
I think I love them!


Christy said...

you go girl!!!

Kristen said...

Are you sure that list wasn't made for me? A few years ago I was really big on writing lists every night before I went to bed....I was much more organized then! I really need to get back into that habit, Thanks :)
And YES, I'd love to swap~ you'll just have to let me know what to do, but sounds like fun!

**Nice picture too~ Love the glasses.

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful with your glasses !
So, I'll keep your list and I'll TRY to do the same... maybe... one day ! Ha ha ha ha ha ha :))) GOOD LUCK :)))

Happy Zombie said...

Jolly Fun Blog right back atcha!

I like your lists... especially #8.... Stop Dreaming - Start Doing. Well said!

Laura Marie said...

I love the idea of prioritising everything like that...i wish i could...i just seem to have too many things to do.... :( ...

however, i dont think i could ever stop dreaming...i need the feeling that if i dream hard enough then wonderful things can happen :)

Love the glasses though...