Merry KITschmas!

It all started with a pine-cone santa
and from there piles and piles of books from my local library
what started out as just a mere interest into the world of Kitschy Christmas Ornaments
turned into a bit of an obsession.
and well then not wanting to waste my new found knowledge
lol okay so I'm more of a picture browser...
I decided I should focus my Christmas digital kits on all things cute and kitschy
with just a flare of Chelsea Ann of course.

the Merry KITschmas kit is filled to the brim
like a old worn box brought down from the attic
and each year returned with just a bit more stuffed in tight

What makes this kit special is that not only does it containing 35 individual files from
Wrapping Paper (background pages),
Trims (scans of ricrac, candy-cane binding ribbon, and a christmas bow),
Christmas Tags (winter and Christmas Themed scans from a vintage children's Dictionary)
to the Ornaments ("stickers" inspired by kitschy vintage ornaments)
But also you will find the entire kit laid out for easy no fuss printing
this new feature will also be available for the Circus Party Kit this Saturday
(Sorry I wanted it to be available with the reales of the Christmas Kit
but life got in the way)

You can see here a little peak of how the ornament page prints.
This is from my own printer on card stock
Each file is saved in CMYK for better print quality
and carefully laid out for ample cutting space

So now that all that mumbo jumbo is said and done
I thought it would be fun to take a little trip down memory lane
sadly I'm a bit too young for most of these Christmases past...

(Raggedy Ann Christmas tree - Source Unknown)

I just adore this pink little gingham gingerbread house
from Sphere magazine in 1975

And these cookie ornaments are not only super adorable but they also look mighty tasty.
To make you own "inedible" cookie ornaments just use a basis salt dough recipe from your cook bo0k or from online. A great project to do with your kiddies this winter, as well as a great gift for them to pass out to their teachers and friends. Double bonus!

(Source: National Geographic Society)

who said retro had to be expensive?
This whimsical light reflecting window art is made from plastic cups and plates

(Source Unkown)

I would really like to make my own Christmas ornaments
given that sadly for as much stuff as I have for someone my age
I have nothing to put on my tree
except some mismatching ornaments from childhood
... I think little felt, smiling mushrooms would put my in the jolly spirit.

(Source: Left- Unknown. Right- Womans Day 12/1969)

There are so many fun ideas...
I'm just glad you can pretty much change your theme and style with each passing year.
Because what's in one year is kitschy the next :)

(Source: Top Left -1968 Unknown, Top Right- Sunset,
Bottom Left- Christmas Ideas 1976, Bottom Right- Unknown)

and no matter what
remember to make your Christmas decor extra sweet
so all your holiday guests come begging for more next year :)
(Source: Family Circle 1975)

*All Image clippings are property of Portland Central Library

LOL well before we all get too ahead of ourselves lets not forget
that Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner
but don't be fooled
Christmas is just a hop, skip, and a jump away
so you better get busy with your Christmas crafting and shopping

~ Chelsea Ann

Oh my goodness sakes, I almost forgot!
Here is a free little goodie download
for all of you for being such great friends

(available until Friday, October 16th)


sassypackrat said...

Sadly I am old enough to remember those old Christmas's. As a matter of fact I had that Raggedy Ann on the bottom right side of the page. I still have her in a box under my bed! She's a little worse for wear but still very much loved!
Love the retro Christmas kit you did, too cute!

Tiedupmemories said...

Adorable kit! Love the vintage past! Thanks for the inspirations and the download!

Pink Trees and Sunshine said...

Absolutely adorable, Chelsea Ann~~you've done it again :~D

Kawine said...

super cute kit!
and thanks for all the eye candy...
makes me want to sing some christmas songs!

koralee said...

How you got me thinking of Christmas...Yahoo! Happy Weekend to you!

Folksie Linda said...

Oh Chelsea Ann..i can't wait to get this Kitschy Christmas kit.. that's so cute.. i love it and would look forward to using it for my scrapbooking.. i can't wait to see what it looks like!

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

I just loved all of the vintage Christmas images!! A blast from my past!! : )

~ Wendy