Weekend Adventure in Battle Ground, Washington

A couple weekends back my husband and I drove up to Battle Ground Washington
to spend a day antique shopping and having lunch with my wonderful friend
(you can view more pictures of our adventure by visiting her blog)
our first stop was The Barn House
which is beautifully decorated but we ended up only staying about 5 minutes
for as you know I am a thrifty girl! and expensive antiques are just not my thing
so I was a bit depressed but looking forward to lunch with my gal pal and her 2 adorable kids
but along the way we struck GOLD and found another similar sale
with the cutest venders all set out in the grass
very charming

OH why oh why did I not get that dress?

oh and I also wish I gotten this amazing pyrex casserole dish
the pattern and colors are divine
but I am limiting myself to just white...
so that I will really use it and not have to worry about the dishwasher

I would love to use this idea with a few of my tattered baby girl dresses

But what I loved most of all was this life size cow
if she had been for sale I just might have emptied my savings account.
oh- don't think I wouldn't!

Finally, Lunch at Britt's favorite little dinner
the kids were a hoot
and Bit and her husband were just sure
that we might think twice about having kids
but OH NO! I want them even more
every time I see those two adorable chipmunk faces

I thought I would slip this image into this post
since it plays so well with the last picture
It's from our recent trip to the coast
located in North Bend
I actually didn't see it :(
but our wonderful travel buddies stopped and took a picture or two for me
what PALS!

Happy Weekend you'all :)


milk and cookeez said...

Sounds like a lot of fun, I wish my Hubby would do stuff like that, humph!
I love all of he vintage finds, so fun.
Where those dresses, clothes pin holders? I remember my grandma had one of those for her pins. that cow was really cute.

Pink Trees and Sunshine said...

Too cute!!!

If you would settle for pigs instead of the cow, Rejuvenation on SE Grand has two kitchy piggies~~a boy and a girl~~concrete, probably from the 30s or 40s~~they are very amusing :~)

Kass said...

sounds like a blast!

Your outfit was adorable! :D

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Chelsea. You're just so cute in this photo. I love your ensemble and hair. It's so funny I don't know many people from Washington but I did know one very special girl (young lady now) named of all things Chelsea. I love Washington at this time of year!
Have a fun Friday...Tracy

delicate diaries said...

ahh these photos are sooo adorable!!! xxx

koralee said...

Oh you look so cute! Looks like a fun filled day! xoxoxo

Rose said...

I adore the dress your wearing Chelsea Ann! You look gorgeous. And i also love the dress u wish u would have bought-dont u hate when that happens!
Sounds like you had a perfect day. And I do believe you would buy the cow :)


Traci said...

Hello I just discovered your blog. It is adorable! Looks like you had so much fun. Who doesn't love a shopping trip! I'm off to add you to my favorites. Traci

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time!! Loved the gigantic cow and I don't doubt you'd take it home with you!! :)

~ Wendy

Lori said...

Hi Chelsea
You look absolutely adorable! Glad you had such a fun day! Lori

KnockKnocking said...

Course you have heard it before, but you always look TOTALLY fabulous in your photos, just darling!! I love how you always have something in your hair.


xoxo Agnes

Jen from Windy Ridge said...

Darling blog neighbor! We are from the Pacific NW as well and enjoyed the local photos:)

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