Duckies and Elephantys

Sometimes being sick has its perks
I took a sick day from work today
no longer wanting to be sprayed down
with Lysol by my fellow co-workers
I'm not very good at being sick
I'm whinny and fidgety
staying in bed is hardly an option
when there is so much to do
luckily I'm not quite that sick
just a nasty head cold

omg I just realized that all my kits have piece spelled wrong!
ack will have to change that tomorrow
~ but it will stay as is on my blog! LOL I AM A DORK!!!!

I've had so many "works in progress" on my plate
and I REALLY want to start checking things off the ol' "to do" list
So I'm very pleased that i FINALLY finished two digital kits
part of a series I'm fondly calling Animal Crackers
Karli of Retro Plant said I should call the Duckies one
Animal Quackers :)
This Ducky kit is by far my favorite of all my kits yet

From digital scrapbooking

to tradition
this kit is perfect for capturing wee little tikes adventures
in the tub or in the mud
and let's face it everything in between
I can see this kit making for really cute baby shower announcements
or transfered onto a onsie
that is what i love about digital scrapbooking
the ideas and uses are endless!

there wasn't much rhyme or reason to what animals I chose to make
more or less whatever I was in the mood for
there will be a kit of puppy dogs, pigs, horses, donkeys,
and ummmmI swear one more
but I'm having a brain fart

One of my favorite animals is the elephant
I have a small collection
the ornament in the picture above is my favorite
it was a gift from my mom and dad
it was a significant gift because it really symbolized to me
that they really "got me"

(that's me!)

My little sister is in her second trimester of pregnancy
she just spent 5 or so days with us
and while there were some crazy emotions on my end
given how badly I want a baby
and how much she is trying to embrace pregnancy at just age 19
we had she a wonderful time together
her boyfriend ~ soon to be fiance
is great! My husband and him get along so well
I only wish they didn't live 9 hours away :(
but with all that said,
I can't wait to have baby pictures to scrapbook!
ahhhh it's going to be so fun!
but for the mean time I have PLENTY of my own to do
I think someday it will be fun to mix my baby photos
in with my own little bundles of joy
to see the comparisons.

You just have to get The Gnome Hut's Gingham Trio kit
although be warned you wont be able to make a single page without it...
lol I kept trying to make pages with ONLY my own kit elements
but I finally gave up
everything is better in gingham!

My Elephant window display goes down
at the end of this month
whatever will I do with an 9' elephant?
This always happens too me
just like my giant robot who I sadly had to break down
and throw away:(

Well after more than 10 hours of sitting at my computer today
I think it is time I send you my love
and call it a night!
Chelsea Ann

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Anna said...

i just blogged about your cute elephants!!