the ittybittybirdy TV Guide

It's always nice to find something useful for your hands to do
while watching the old boob tube with my love.
I gave crocheting a go once but finally gave up
after time and time again my scarf turned into a triangle
while watching my brother make hates and such in no time at all
so yoyo making is my new favorite no brainer pass time

I have a few ideas about what to do with the GIANT bowl I have
but my favorite thing to make is headbands
and so I have a pretty good feeling you will see my little shop
full to the brim with these in no time at all
~ side note ~
for some reason nothing else ever really sales at my craft shows
so I'm also working at replenishing after the big Crafty Wonderland sale
where I just about sold out of them
funny thing is to watch the moms and little girls
It always goes a little something like this
Mother and child love the same one
little girl starts trying them on
mom says only one
little girl tries on more
wants more than one
mom says no
little girl never goes home
with the one mom loved
it's priceless!
So amazing how early style and taste start
I had no idea that a toddler could be so opinionated
about what she will and will not wear

So back to sitting in front of the tv:
we are about to ixnay our cable
money is tight and it seems like the most reasonable thing to cut back on
given a lot of what we watch can be seen for free on-line
I really wish se could get Verizon's FIOS
that way we could have internet, cable and a phone line
for the price we pay for just our internet now
but our "old" neighborhood isn't set up for fiber optic this or that
I don't quite understand the technical mumbo jumbo

Bad timing this no tv thing because
Project Runway just started again
and this season looks to have a much more eclectic group
I personally thought last season was a bit of a snore

I'm also a total cheez ball
it really is a drama fest put on by mediocre actors
but something about it has me eager for each new episode
Hubby and I also like Greek
it takes us back to college life
and were we met

Other shows we like and love
*unbeknown to me after 3 years of dating my husband
I found out he is a total trekkie
soon as we got married
took some persuading but I've become a bit of one too
Like - Mad Men
*Use to love but it was a tad too dark and depressing last season
hoping it will lighten up a bit come next season

Shows I miss and can watch rerun after retrun
and Alf

I know I have strange taste in entertainment :)
anywho~ Headbands shown are now available in the shop
Have a great week ~
Chelsea Ann


Bryanna Lenan said...

I enjoy your blog and look at it often, however I can never seem to leave a comment for some weird reason... maybe it will work this time (fingers crossed). Love, love the darling headbands!! Too cute!

Megan V said...

Chelsea! We got rid of our cable over a year ago and guess what? I do not miss it at all! We were in a hotel for 2 days and had the cable to watch and thought "wow.. NOTHING is on...". Haha. We have Netflix and can watch things instantly through our xbox 360 as well. AND lots of shows are online as well now.

Project Runway's full episodes PLUS tons of extras are all on so you can still watch when you get rid of your cable! That's what I do! (already watched episode 1 and it was pretty good!)

apparentlyjessy said...

Ah Chelsea! I am so glad I am an owner of one of your super adorable headbands!
I am TOTALLY impressed you love Stargate Universe! It's a show that keeps me in constant suspense! Like you, my boy is a total sci fi nerd, and made me one too!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Good luck with the headbands, Chelsea Ann. They are adorable!

Christy said...

Very adorable headbands chelsea. you make the cutest things!!

Rebecca said...

Absolutely adorable! Yoyo's were actually the first thing my mother ever taught me to sew. I was only 7 or 8 and would sit for hours and make them.

I never thought of headbands...weekend project idea! Thanks!

Rose said...

Your headbands are so so cute Chelsea Ann! You always come up with the most amazing creations.


Danielle said...

those are *SO* cute! love them!

danielle thompson