I love my...

I've been thinking a lot lately about my dad
well in fact all three of them
I find myself daydreaming of childhood more than ever
I assume it has a lot to do with the fact that I have started going to a councilor
and once you open the can of worms
it's hard to get those suckers back in
it's hard to let childhood go
oh I never ever want to grow up
but I do want to put the past in the past
I want to not only say but believe
that it wasn't me
and I want more than anything to just be able to let go
It is time to move on
I know it's true
I don't think I am capable of it quite yet
but I no longer need them
I only need to forgive and forget
I am a blessed girl
this is true
for in my life now I have a wonderful father
he came late into my life
but he came none the less
I never imagined it would happen
but I now have a father
who loves and adores me
and who I know will always be there for me!

(my "new" Dad as a baby boy)
Animal Cracker-Ducky Digital Kit COMING SOON!

Feels good to let your thoughts out
my councilor suggests I write letters but then never send them
lol I see no point in this ( I have tried in the past)
and so I hope from time to time you wont mind me sending my thoughts here
I feel so safe here in the world of my blog
is not that strange? When anyone can read it?

I'm really excited about my new kits I'm working on
I'm working on so many it's a bit of a joke
you might have noticed on my right sidebar
the note about animal crackers?
well I'm getting pretty close to having a few of these kits done.
Each kit will have 10 items all relating to one animal.
I'll be showing more previews soon!

Well I've got to run!
oh I'm including this video
My family is major Duck Fans
Sadly they lost but I still love this video
my brother is friends with these guys :)


Retro Plants said...

how sweet hon!
nothing like having a loving, caring dad. . . i am glad you have one now!
what a cute boy he was!!!

love the layout. . . and can't wait for the new kit(s)!
can't wait to see all the animals you do! ;)

Megan V said...

It is definitely hard to dig up old feelings. But I can bet that you have a LOT of support and encouragement here in Blogland. I know what it's like to have parent issues and I'm here for you! I'm happy you have a father figure in your life now and I hope that you will begin to resolve your problems and feel renewed in 2010!! xoxoxox

Anonymous said...
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Diane said...

Let me know when is the Baby Shower for Sister, I could see what I have Vintage Baby Cowboy. That one image of the cowboy hat is charming. Hugs, Diane