Little Miss Four Eyes

Hey gals!
What a week ~
it really has been a long draining week
and I just have to say Thank YOU for all your comments
they really remind me of how lovely and sweet the world can be
and help me push through the icky "life" stuff
and make it back to the things I love
like sharing with you
the simple things in this crazy world
that make me HAPPY!

Like my new glasses!

Aren't they just perfect
Seems like nobody likes pink square frames
because I got them for a steal!
YEAH happy price - love a good sale!

We four eyed gals got to stick together
and wear our nerdy specks with pride!

to continue the fun
you might be interested in this post at gnome-n-birdy
for more digi fun and 80's love'n

digital kits used: Gnome Hut - Retro Vibe Dots *NEW*
and Washi Tape Frames from Kitschy Digitals


Retro Plants said...

SOOOO very cute honey!
i am into the eighties vibe too!
what an awesome era. . . LOVE the shy violet!
was she yours when you were little?

Candy and Cake said...

Love them! Amen to that, We four eyed gals do wear our nerdy specks w/ pride! Love the shy violet,I used to own one when I was a kid, now I just have a t-shirt version!

Teresa said...

Oh! Chelsea!
The PINK frames are YOU!!!
So fabulous...just like you!
And the lip color....
whatever it is...
Happy Weekend!

♥zoe♥ said...

Oh you're such a cute lady on earth! Wonderful photographs taken and love the bright rainbow colours so much:)

Creative Breathing said...

Chelsea, My heart smiles every time I see you. You are such a lovable nut. I Love Lucy come to life. Smart, beautiful, and zany! New glasses, adorable. New artwork, amazing! A good week ahead for you and your husband! Always in my thoughts, E

Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

Those are super cute! I want some pink glasses now;o)

sanjeet said...

Love the shy violet,
video models