Fly Me to the Moon

Hey gals!
It's just about here ~ the sweetest holiday of them all!
I really love Valentines day...
not that it has always been memorable or romantic
or any of those other ideal dreamy things
I was never the girl who got the pink slip at school
you know the slip that meant someone special sent you flowers!
Oh man did I want that pink slip!
but really I just love walking into the store and sing my favorite color
PINK everywhere ~ and cutie pie teddy bears saying I love you
Yeah I really just love the sappy sweet corny goodness that is
Valentine's Day!

Gosh geez how time flies by ~
Do you remember last year when I hosted
Lollishops grand opening party
That was fun - I should really do something like that again :)

I just finished and listed a new kit!
It's my first all "paper" kit
I just LOVE my Double Wedding Ring Quilt
so naturally it was a perfect item for a digi kit

Isn't this paper-cut Valentines just to die for?
Every time I come across it I can't help but sing
Fly Me to the Moon in my head

Kit sources - Hearts and lace from my Sweet Marie Kit
Wood Frame form Kitschy Digitals
Loopy Frame from the Project Girl - Jen Allyson

Valentine's is so funny when your young
and you get all wrapped up into "does he like me?"
the shy awkwardness and the high high hopes
oh what silliness - how we thought we were in love
when really we didn't know what love was at all

Kit sources - blue trim from my Merry Kit and lace heart from my Sweet Marie Kit
Oval Frame form Kitschy Digitals
Loopy Frame and swirly line from the Project Girl - Jen Allyson
Valentine's Delivery Boy from Saturday Finds
and v-day background from my own personal collection

Here is my Valentine!
My wonderful PERFECT love!
We've had some really great valentines
and then sometimes life gets in the way
and you're happy
to just get a card and a morning kiss
a.k.a. this year

Speaking of Cards ~
Gnome-N-Birdy V-day posts will be devoted to crafting
and scrapbooking with vintage v-day cards
I'm really excited to showcase come of my own work
and share some great inspiration from Diane of Saturday Finds
+ there will be a chance to win some really lovely treats!
Come check it out Valentines Day or into the start of next week
if your are off romancing the day away ~


Bryanna Lenan said...

May you have a great Valentine's Day!

From Nancys Heart said...

Hey sweetie,
I was just remembering gathering all the dolls together for their terrific party for the All Dolled Up 2009!! The girls were asking for another party!!
I hope you have a great weekend!!

Retro Plants said...

happy Valentines Chelsea Ann!!!
xoxo from me :)

p.s. i LOVE the *new* kit!
did i tell you that?
well. . . i DO!!!! ;)

Pink Trees and Sunshine said...
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Pink Trees and Sunshine said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your sweet hubby ❤

Rebecca said...

Love the post! Great photos...the whole thing. Thanks and happy St. Valentine's Day!

Sandy said...

I went right to your site and bought this wonderful paper kit! I just love it! I just went to your new blog and only a portion of the post is showing up on the left side, the right side of your blog is blank?????? Just thought you might want to know! :)

apinkdreamer said...

hi i'm eleni from greece!happy valentine's day!
your blog is so beautiful!!!!!

apinkdreamer said...

oh ! and i put the button of your new button on my blog! come for a visit and see!

Fleur de Boheme said...

What a nice blog - a firework of colours and happy vibes! Thanks for sharing!

Bye Kirsten

monica said...

your blog is awesome! i am so happy a friends recommended it to me!

I can't wait to follow along and read more!

sanjeet said...

The girls were asking for another party!!
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