Valentine's Day! All Dolled Up PARTY!

Not so many nights ago I fell into the most peculiar sleep. I must have been quite tired because I fell asleep while putting away my laundry. I have always been a vivid dreamer but what I dreamt this particular evening was quite unusual. It was not so much the dream was odd but, that it felt so real.

Now I know, logic tells me that it was merely a figment of my imagination, yet something in it felt so lifelike and... well perhaps I shall just describe it, still it is so vivid in my memory.

I hear a song bird. What a pretty sound to hear in the morning. 
"Chelsea Ann, open your eyes." 
"Shhhhh. Be very quiet you do not want to scare him away."
 Who was that? Am I still dreaming? 
I hear the bird again. I must wake up.

You can not possible imagine what I saw when I woke. Well I thought I had woken, perhaps I was still dreaming. There was my dear friend, Ashlee with a blue bird singing in her ear. I startle the poor creature and he flies away. Ashlee picks up a rolled-up piece of paper. "The bird carried this in, I believe he meant for us to have it."

It is an invitation of the most unusual sort. We have been invited to a magical place, a place far past the imagination, a place that only young children could possibly dream of existing.
Perhaps I did not believe myself, but what harm would there be in excepting the invitation. I was mearly having a dream, right?

I hear a familiar sound in the distance. I am so tired, I can barely keep my eyes open. A man's voice breaks the silence. "Little Misses, the train has arrived. I open my eyes. Fog is very thick in the air, like cotton candy, even the air smells of it. I wake my friend. "It is time to go, hurry we don't wont to miss our only chance." We board the train eager to arrive at our destination. I am glad to have such a good companion for the long journey ahead.

We have traveled to a place more magical than you or I can imagine. A place where neighbors gather to celebrate the smallest of occasions and children can safely play in the streets. With quaint little houses, a quiet marshmallow meadow and a bubbling soda pop brook.

It is a little hard to explain but we were invited to a place more magical than any other. A place known for only sweetness and kindness. This is the land of the dolls and for a fortnight we shall be staying on Lollipop Lane.

It was so kind of the dolls to invite us to share in their magical little world. Sadly our stay will only be for a short time. We must take in as much as we can and try very hard not to forget a single moment.

As a doll you must always look your very best. Everyday is as special as the last and never ever is sloppiness allowed. There are so many things a doll must do each day. There is fun to be had and not a moment can be wasted.

Sniff Sniff Sniff...

Oh puppy dog you can not have a cookie yet. We must wait for our friends to arrive.

Each night Dolls all come together to share a cup of tea
and tell stories of their day.
Dolls love to celebrate special occasions.
Tonight's teatime is very special because today is Valentine's Day!
We have been very busy baking goodies, making gifts and decorating the dollies home.

I think what I love most about being a doll is the frilly attire.
Knee high stockings, petticoats, bows and beads.
I should like very much to dress this way every single day.

You can play dress up too!

Dolls love to have their pictures taken.
However instead of putting their pictures in frames
they have their pictures taken in them^^

Dolls love their sweets.
As they are almost always celebrating one event or another
you would surely think they should like a break of them.



Cupcakes, Cookies, Ice cream Cones  and Lollipops

They could eat such treats for
supper time

Truly Ashlee and I were quite overwhelmed at first by all the events in a dolls' life.
They celebrate birthdays, weddings, holidays, and the firsts of almost everything!

The first rain and the early signs of spring.

Rain, rain,
go away
come again some other day
We want to go outside and play
Come again some other day

The first flower blossoms
and even when they fade away
and autumn turns to the world from green to gold

Daisy, Daisy,
 Give me your answer do!

I'm half crazy,
 All for the love of you!

It won't be a stylish marriage,

I can't afford a carriage

But you'll look sweet upon the seat

Of a bicycle made for two.

and of course the very first snow

Sing a song of snowflakes,

Secrets in the air,

Valentines are coming,

Hiding everywhere.

Some are red and

Some are pink and

Some are soft and blue,

Some are in the mailbox
On their way to you.

Nothing is as important as friendship in the land of dolls.

They are the truest of companions
and are always there when their friends are in need of help.

Most of the time you can find dolls playing
for this is surely what they do best

Dolls have wonderful imaginations!

As we grow older, not only is it harder to believe in faeries and unicorns, but its harder to see the beauty around us, the good in people’s hearts, the magic in every day happenings. Our childhood dreams are relegated to ‘fantasy’ and every day reality seems far from what we had in mind for our grown up lives.

I think its very important to keep in touch with that childlike part of us however. To keep our imaginations alive. Without that, you can not have empathy, inspiration, creativity and faith. I am not talking about religious Faith, but simply the ability to believe that there are good and kind people out there, that there is a reason for doing the right thing and that happy endings are possible.


They pretend to be mommies

When I was a child I loved to play with dolls.
I had a Cabbage Patch Doll, Cherry Merry Muffin Doll , and an American Doll
just to name a few
Perhaps you had a Chatty Cathy or Jelly Belly Doll?

They love to play house just as all young children do

They also dream of being princesses

The Princess Code

& finding their prince charming

And soon enough the day is through
And now the Valentine's Tea Party can begin!

A little cup of friendship
with a bag of tea
when you drink this
think of love from me

Dollies always behave their manners
They sit upright, say "Please, and Thank You"
and always share in polite conversation. 

This has been a splendid Valentine's and I love each and every one of you!

Puppies seem to think of nothing but cookies

At the end of each day the dollies gather for one last dance
before the moon rises and they must all be tucked in their beds

And when at last the day is through they fall fast a sleep and dream of being just like me and you.

And now I have shared my dream with you!

It was just like magic, it seemed so real.
Did it seem real to you?

Dream or not there is no question that Dolls live in magical worlds of their own.
When we turn the lights off at night their little world just begins.
And when the sun is peaking over the horizon 
they're finishing their tea and dances and heading home to sleep the day away.

Thank you for visiting!
What a great party this has been...
but wait!

What would a party be without Party Favors?
I wish I could give a little something to all of you
but I think you will see there are many many wonderful favors!

By leaving a comment with your favorite Keepsake Cake or ittybittybirdy item you will be entered to win Abby Doll and a set of Sweat Treat Note Cards. 

I appreciate your feedback ~ 
I've gone in so many directions lately 
and it's nice to know what creative paths I should stick too!

In a hurry? Just stopping by for a quick visit?
Leave a quick hello comment and even you can win a treat or two!
(5 lucky winners!)

Win the chance for the ultimate Keepsake Cakes spoiler! 
Any purchase from either Keepsake Cakes or ittybittybirdy
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a set of Sweat Treat Note Cards and Embellishments,
Klara Doll, and a customized Fairytale Party Hat made just for you!

I would like to especially thank all the Lollishop venders who hosted a doll theme party with me. This has been so much fun and I couldn't have done it with out you!
One lucky Lollishop Dolls is going to take Bailey home!

(Make sure you visit all the other Lollie gals parties ~ located on the top of my sidebar)

If you leave feedback ~ you will surely be saying "hello!"
You buy yourself a little treat or two ~ well say hello and tell me why you love what you got!

Thanks Everyone!
Goodbye~ Kisses! Hugs~ 

Wait before you go...
The party will be up until the 18th when I will announce all the winners...
please tell all your friends about the party.
the more the merrier! 

P.S. Participating Lollies please add your photos to the flickr group I made just for our party pics. THANKS! 


Kelly said...

What a great post, I loved the pictures!

I found the Winter's Bite earrings on Blossom Shop handcrafted jewelry!

Happy Valentines Day, Kelly

Nancy said...

A lot of work went into a great post. Thanks, I enjoyed it very much!

Happy Valentines Day!
Huggs, Nancy

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day Chelsea Ann !!!
> Beautiful ! Beautiful photos !!! xo

Christy said...

What a splendid valentines party! i love all the creative photos and you dolls made a wonderful job hosting this truly fancy doll party!

hmm, have you ever considered a modelling career?

happy valentines, chelsea!

annemarie said...

This is fantastic - lovely post - I agree you need to go into modeling.

Melissa Jones said...

Wow~ What a great story and the pictures are beautiful!! You are so talented.. Happy Valentines Day!!!

vivian said...

what a treat to stumble upon your very enchanting blog this sweet valentines morning! Your dream could not have been illustrated any better! I'm putting together a little dolly tea party myself today.. which wont be posted til later this afternoon, but I hope you find time to stop by for a valentine treat!
I LOVE your blog and will surely be back!

Pieceful Bits said...

What a sweet dollie valentine's story with beautiful illustrations!
Happy Valentines Day to You

simplydelicious said...

What a wonderful job you did!! Truly beautiful!! I love your little cakes...

katydiddy said...

I like the pink & white striped candy cane party hat. Very cute indeed. This post is beautiful! Thank you for taking the time to bring a little magic into our lives today. Happy Valentine's Day!

Cathy said...

Chelsea Ann,

This is the most amazing blog party I've ever seen. I so wish I was with you when you were taking all these scrumptious photos. You must have had so much fun. It looks like a play in a theater. Absolutely, positively great job!!

Have a blast today.

xo Cathy

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Chelsea Ann!! THis is the most fabulous post ever! I wish I could have been there, how fun!! I LOVE your new party hats!! I definitely need one!! GREAT job!!


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Fun, fun, fun!! What a creative post--and I totally appreciate all the work that went into it--WOW!!
Smiles, Karen

Sweetina said...

You totally amaze me! Your entire party~from the creations,decor,photos and writing is so completely beautiful,fun,imaginative and wow!
This is a post I will read again and again Chelsea Ann!
I cannot get over your talent in so many different areas!
And the outfits!!!Each is more beautiful than the next!
This has been a most wonderful treat!!!
I visited both your shops and love every single thing!
I love your keepsake cakes so much!
And your little house on Lollipop Lane! But my very favorites right now are the Sweet treat embellishments and the sweet note cards, because i am wanting to write "real" letters more this year and these would be so much fun to send inside!!!
Thankyou for such a fun,magical party!
dolly hugs~

Karin said...

you are such a doll!!

blossom shop

milk and cookeez said...

OMG this is amazing-I read through this morning and WOW-you have taken blogging to a whole new level. I love all of your products in the pictures-so many lovlees. thank you Tammy

Jennifer said...

Chelsea,That story is so wonderful and the photos are very cute.I love your fireplace mantel and that table too!I think my favorite in your shop is the candy cane lane house its so sweet.Thank you for hosting such a wonderful party.

Ps your puppy is so cute!Is that a basset hound?Hugs,Jen

Sadie Lou said...

Oh my gosh!
This was a fabulous blog party!! The very, very best!! I didn't even know as I was making your hostess gift, how appropriate the word "doll" would be for this event!! Your party was amazing!!
I love you Chels and I can't wait until your friend gets her party started in her LolliShop! Hin*Hint
~Sadie Lou

Stephanie O. said...

Coming up across your blog just put a huge smile on my face. What fun to look at all the photos!

gail said...

Hi Chelsea Ann, thanks for hosting the party..its been alot of fun, and what a sweet post,you doll. lol

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

What fun...your dresses are so amazing.....You worked very hard on this party~a memorable event for sure!

PamperingBeki said...

Ahhhhh, sugary sweetness. Too cute!!

Thanks for sharing. :)

Laura Marie said...

I think this may well be the sweetest blog entery i have ever seen in the history of blogland!! ... i is so incredible! ... the pictures are fantastic!!

You look like youre having such fun!! :D keep it up :)


a fanciful twist said...

Outrageously wonderfully incredible!!! I am speechlessssssssss!!!

Happy Valentine's day!!

Princess Skye said...

Adorable post! I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your enchanting party, thank you for letting me be a part of it!

Laurie said...

I think your party should win a prize! How creative! Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Sally said...

Oh, dear. You never fail to amaze and delight me! I put it on my facebook, because this blog post just made me have the best Valentines Day EVER! Thank you so much!

Alissa said...

Hey! Just stopping by to see your wonderful party. Looks like you have quite an attendance! Hope you are having fun. Happy Valentine's dear! :)

Stink Bone Jones said...

This is the most magnificent blog post I have ever seen! Did this take you weeks and weeks to get all of the pictures ready for this!?

That mantle is to die for! You are a magazine with all of your amazing creations and pictures!

The Chateau of Remnants said...

Amazing Blog with lots of love and fun!! Thanks for sharing.

valerie said...

i agree with everyone else... this post is really fun! i adore all of your clothing and accessories... especially the shoes! i really love your party hats. i've been planning on making some since i started the pointy hats, but haven't had a chance to yet. yours are inspiring! thanks for sharing all of your creativity! hope your valentines weekend was lovely...

jenny holiday said...

Chelsea Ann!!!!! Ohh youhave nooo idea how much I ADORED this post!!! SO SO SO SO SWEET!!! I wish you lived next door from me!! So whenever I felt stressed or down..I could just peek in your window for a glimpse of your magical world!! :)

I was having some issues with blogger last all I was able to do is post my pics inthe flickr pool. But I will be posting on my blog tonight! :)

WE had a great time yesterday!! Thank you so so much for hosting such a wonderful party!!

Lots of LOVE to you!!
xoxo Jenny

My absolute favorite item in your the Birthday Girl Keepsake pin!! LOOOOOOVE it!!! I adore brooches, pins, and badges..the bigger the better...and you know I cannot live without vintage cake decorting it is just perfection in my eyes!!! :)

I LOVE your work!!!

Chelsea Ling said...

Awww Chelsea Ann you are totally adorable :) My fave shot is of you and your husband.... totally sweet. I wish I could wear those cute dresses!

Oh, my fave item in your shop I already purchased ;)

Whimsical Creations said...

What a lovely story and post! I love lots in your shop. I really like the A Touch of Blue Fairytale Party Hat. Too cute!

=) melanie

Brook said...

Chelsea, Wonderful pictures,huge talent and loads of time went into this party. I have enjoyed your party. Seems to be quiet, due to Holiday. Week may be better, but all your work is greatly appreciated, and I learned loads by taking part in this adventure.
Thank You, Brook

Kristen said...

Wow! I can't even begin to imagine how much work went into putting all of that together! What beautiful pictures...I'm CRAZY about your Fireplace Mantel display :) And the picture of you and your husband was too cute! Nice job Chelsea Ann♥♥

Jennifer said...

hiya, Chelsea!!!
SoSOOOO cute is your post!!! You know how much I love your stuff and YOU!!!
Can't pick a fave, love it all!

*Evelyn* said...

oh i love your pictures...... great post......

Gina said...

It looks like you guys had lots of fun! Dolls indeed. Our electric was out due to a wind storm or I would have stopped by on Valentines day. I hope it was wonderful day for you.

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Hi Doll....
you said you knew "that baby"....
Can you leave the answer on my blog? I drew your name so just have to make sure you can identify her so I can send you some goodies!
Sheri~Pawsh Poodle

justgivealittle said...

I'm quite jealous! you look like you had a wonderful time. B eing dolled up sounds so fun and on a day like valentines day, why not do it? haha hope all is well Chels!

Anonymous said...

I love the pink foral dress that you have on with the pink bow accent. I have something like it however it is a not as detailed and it is more of a cotton candy pink. I love to know where you got the Mary Janes, right now I wear pink laceup Keds sneakers with my outfit tell me what you think of my shoes choice?

I am not as brave as you to post my pics on a blog but some day I will. I am getting a pair of saddle shoes that I got here.

Loretta said...

What a darling story. I just loved it. I have many Chatty Cathy dolls, and 4 American Girl dolls. My dolls are having a tea party over at my blog; please be sure to drop in when you have a moment! I love your pictures and your darling dresses! Where do you find them? Oh to be thin again. LOL Enjoy your youth!

Alex said...

Hey! Chelsea Ann, Flickr-mail me will ya and tell me where you got those gigantic bows, adorable....and you two really do look like dolls!

Anonymous said...

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