My friend Megan came over last weekend and helped me make my first ever loaves of bread! It seems I had lost my cooking bug for a bit, but it seems to be back. This week I have made homemade bread, mac & cheese, baked oatmeal, and little bite size cheesecakes-that I think look like flowers. 

Oh how spoiled I am...

I want to put out a BIG Thank you to my friend Victoria at 
countrystarv. I L♥VE my plaid taffeta skirt to death! It is so beautiful that I'm having a hard time putting it in the closet. And everyone at work was just crazy about it!

I need more...

I need more time to do all the stuff I love, and all the stuff I say I'm going to do and never ever seem to. I also would like some hard core cash to take a glorified trip to the craft store! Oh to DREAM!
But in the mean time, I have been sitting at my dinning room table painting on cardboard with the only colors of paint I currently own! 

special gifts...

These treasures are from the wonderfully talented Victoria Robinson from countrystarv . She is an amazing crafter and an even better friend. I can't wait to show you what else she has made me!

I love my fuzzy moose candle!

When you buy an old house... be careful, the lights might go out. We lost all the power to the bathroom, and I managed to live that way all week. Yeah, for husbands, the problem has now been solved!

A Big Change...Part II

So I ended the last entry with an EEK, and regrettably agreed to let my husband get a lazy boy recliner(Lord be with me)!
The reason is: No man should have to live in his wife's make shift nursery room. I didn't really mean for it to happen but the room is very feminine! VERY!
So while I'm sure to be embarrassed as I show my new room off to friends and family, I must admit I love my little girly room to death! 

A Big Change...

My husband must hate me! Just when we got the house the way we wanted it, I wanted something different. We had our office upstairs and it seemed like someone was always up there... which meant we never saw each other anymore. So we made the big switch and swapped our bedroom and the office.
This is the result of the new husband is excited to add in a flat screen above the bookcase and his own leather recliner... which you will all realize he deserves after you find out what's coming in the next post!! EEK!