itty bitty wall space

My home is just stuffed!
From time to time I think
"Chelsea Ann, you MUST stop buying stuff!!!!!"
but the little clutter monster inside me
just can't seem to be caged
I have a problem, I really do
but todays post really isn't about this issue of mine at all
it's really to celebrate my stuff
to put it on a little pedestal as say
"HEY, Look what I got!"

These are pictures from my kitchen
I was contemplating painting my kitchen and going with a theme
of blue, grey, white, and red roses
but then we moved this giant cabinet in
and all my random
never could find that perfect spot
found their spot
and now I quite like my rainbow anything goes kitchen

One of the issues I have had with my little 1917 or 1907 home
I shamefully can't recall which one it is
is that I am out of space for anything and everything
but I'm really really out of wall space
which has been dang blasted annoying
because I love art!

Here are a few walls in my house
(although a few have changed)
well, quite a few actually
In a year in a half each room in our home
has gone through 4 or 5 transformations

I wanted to give a shout out to Anne Cresci of Matilou
her artwork is just so amazing!
You must check out her shop
and see this video of her discussing her work and process
her artwork just makes me daydream, it's so enchanting

And one more shout out if you all don't mind...
Agnes featured little miss ME on her beautiful blog this week
and I was honored to tears!
Agnes not only has the best eye in blog land
(in my most un-expert opinion)
but she writes so eloquently
her little summery of my blog was so perfectly said
I felt she grabbed it right out of my mouth
(well that is if I had a grace with words like she does!)
And to top it off she is an amazing artist herself
and perhaps if I do well at my next craft show
and this pretty darn cute wreath is still around
I might just have to find a spot to put it!

B's Wedding Day

B and I have been best friends from 1st grade
from the very start our personalities clashed
B is high spirited and bubbles over with energy
me - well I'm reserved and more practical about everything
but NOBODY brings out my happy silly go-lucky self like B

B's relaxed, go with the flow attitude
made for one VERY stressful morning
I managed to capture one small moment
in the haze of craziness that ensued that morning
LOL, oh my I just could not really put to words what it took
to get B down the isle that morning.
But somehow we managed it

and what a gorgeous bride she made

This was my first time being a Brides Maids
seems those flower girl days are finally over. LOL

B's 4 little girls were the sweetest little flower girls you ever saw

The Theme of the wedding was Butterflies
and while the cake wasn't exactly what poor B wanted
it was very beautiful and VERY delicious!

I wanted to give B something very special
- a Keepsake of her special day

I was so lucky to find this very unique butterfly jewelry box at Anthropology
I hope she will treasure it as I have always treasured our friendship!

I love you B!!!!!!

Grandmothers Farmhouse

How can a week go by so quickly
and yet it also seems as if I have been gone a year?
I hope this post finds you all in good spirits
and in the comfort of your air-conditioned homes.
Speaking of homes
I would like to take you on a little tour of my grandmothers home

A place full of wonderful childhood memories
from playing in the ditch, picking strawberries, riding ponies

to playing dress up with gobs and gobs of plastic beads
in my grandmothers vanity drawer

My favorite room was my Aunts purple bedroom
it was the perfect place for my girly imagination

How many times I must have looked upon myself in this mirror
from playing dress up to prom dress fittings

We played with the same toys my dad and Aunt played with as children
most of them made or repaired by my grandmother

And although these toys were much loved
they still sit waiting for the great grandchildren to
bring them to life

I loved playing with my Aunts dolls
Most of the clothing was made by my Aunt when she was just a little girl

And I remember laying on my belly
and looking at grandmothers special dolls
from her own childhood

Grandmothers room was never off limits
and my cousin and I would spend hours looking at all my grandmothers beautiful jewelry
passed on from generation to generation
This trip was very special because my grandmother gave me
my very favorite piece... I will share later on

One of the things I love about my grandmothers home is that very little changes
and almost every piece has a special story
if only I could recall them....

My grandmother is quite a collector of fine things
she has worked hard her whole life
and if I am not mistaken she is responsible to the construction of the beautiful china hutch
and the entire upstairs

The home and the surrounding farmland
was originally purchased by my grandfathers family
when they moved here from Germany
After more than 30 years my grandparents split up
and the farm was sold
All that remains is the house and a few pastures

It was my grandmothers stubbornness that got her the house
and it is this same stubbornness that is so endearing to me

I just love this carpet in the dining room
my grandmother could have been an interior designer
she has such an eye for bringing a room together

Every piece is perfectly placed
it is the most enchanting farm house
and a treasure to my heart

I fear for what will happen to it when my grandmother is gone
but I am so glad I got a chance to document it this trip
as to keep so many special memories close to my heart

Well it is time for bed
I hope you all have a great week
I have so much to catch up with after my trip
but I will try to edit more photos from my trip and share them with you all soon.

Chelsea Ann

Sing me a Tune Little Mermaid

A Weeki Wackee hello to you all!
Did you now that Weeki Wackee is a place?
A real magical place were mermaids entertain silly folks like you and I...
yupp yupp it's for reals.
Check it out here or here

So why mermaids today?
well because my sketchbook has been filling up with these majestic ladies
for my upcoming Peter Pan series.
And in honor of creating art I thought I would share a few
beautiful mermaid prints I found on Etsy.
There are over 60 pages for mermaid prints on Etsy.
That's just crazy and lovely at the same time.

And perhaps the sweetest of all is Boopsie Daisy's Collection of Mermaids in a sea of candy

This may be most boring video ever, right?
I have decided that video making can not occur until
I have had a glass of wine or a red bull
And perhaps singing was not such a grand idea
as my voice sounds so silly when recorded anyhow
I love to sing though
in the morning you can hear me belting out in the shower
Disney tunes, the national anthem or some broadway melody

I'm off for a trip back home
it's a bitter sweet trip for me
For I am excited to attend my childhood best friends wedding
vacation at my grandparents for a week with my mum
and visit with family, I have not seen for such a long long time
last time I made this trip
only a few months back
I had terrible anxiety that lasted for weeks
and already I have felt this black icky feeling creeping over me
and most ashamedly I tried covering it up this week
by using my little plastic card to its limit
so please keep me in your thoughts
my husband tries to rationalize things for me
but I just can't...

I will miss you all!
I should be back with much to share around the 20th
Chelsea Ann

Shall I Ramble Some More?

I hope you all had a lovely 4th of July.
I haven't celebrated in the traditional way for oh...
gosh, like 5 years now
Our Little Puppy Charlie is such a fierce guard dog
until the fireworks start popping and whistling
the poor thing gets sick from fright
and does all sorts of silly things
like trying to get into the toilet
digging a whole to china in our kitchen
and/or climbing the highest piece of furniture in the house
Drugs don't work
so it was a long long night for us all

Many of you left comments asking about the Airstream
I would love to comment back to each and every one of you
but... there is not enough hours in the day

Make: 1978, 24' Argosy
Manufacturer: Airstream
Name: The Radio Flyer
Paint: Professionally done - previously white and orange
Interior: LOL work in progress
The Long Long Trailer: on que at the library
Travels: we want to visit you all!
Problem: Stupid Mortgage!!!

I'm so glad you all love it as much as I
Your comments always put a smile on my face
but my hubby... oh you really really made his day
he is so excited about his red wagon
like a little boy at Christmas

Doesn't the stream make for a fun backdrop?
I've been making hair accessories for the last few weeks
Not sure if I will list any in my shop or not
I will have to think about it more
I've been making these cute yoyo headbands and hair clips for myself
and craft show were they seem to be very popular

Perhaps they are a bit childish...
and so I find that children are the ones who swarm my booth at the shows
and this makes me happy
for nothing I dream of more
than being like a child

To believe in magic
to seek out adventure in the depths of your imagination
and always see life as it should be and not as i truly is
to be girly, feminine,
and playful
both inside and out
to love with all your heart
and find joy in every unknown
to be silly, and giddy,
and not care what others might think

Sadly I think this description is torn away from the children of today
so very very quickly
They are made to grow up before they have even learned to read
how then can we ask them to enjoy the sweet adventures of story books
when life around them is so fast and complex?

Oh my! Oh how did I ramble on to this topic? Pardon me...
best not to delete and start over
I have already been at my desk the large portion of this afternoon.

Have a lovely week everyone.
~Chelsea Ann