hip-pity hop easter has gone away

Tomorrow the pastel eggs and little chickadees are to be packed up. We had a wonderful day with all of the family, but now I'm tired and ready for bed!

I did it

Big Sis
Grand Dad

5 years, plus the 12 before and kinder garden-equals 18 years of education that are now over. I know I'm suppose to want to be constantly learning and what not but today I just want to veg out in front of my tv and think of nothing. It was wonderful, and its all thanks to the love and support of my family and friends! Thank you everyone for helping me every step of the way!


A couple of years ago I bought my first set of Avon duck measuring cups at an antique store in Idaho. Today, I found this new Anthropology set at a local Goodwill. The Anthropology tags still on. Who on earth takes a brand new, 28$ item like this to the Goodwill? Well, I will probably never know the journey my ducks took to make it to me, but I'm just glad they are safe now!