Old School

yeah, me! 
I finally finished and listed a new digi kit
This one took me FOR-EV-ER 
(totally had a Sandlot flashback).

You will get all the files shown above
 I've set up a multi-page PDF for quick and easy printing.
"Papers" have been scaled down to 6x6"
and journal cards are 3x4"
for my fellow Project life peeps.

Soon, but I dare not say when...
with the babies it's pointless
to set deadlines for myself.
But in time, I'll be re-opening my etsy shop
where I'll be selling prints of some of my journal cards.
For those who would rather not do it themselves.
This set and a few others just came back from the printers
 and they are amazing!!! 
My next order will include 6x6 prints of my paper designs. 
I have many other fun ideas for the shop 
but I'll leave that for another post. 

Babies are starting to grumble...
I guess nap time is over.

You can find my new kit 
available exclusively @ Kitschy Digitals!

Take care friends, and best wishes to you who are
starting to send your sweet little ones back to school.
i'm kinda jealous... nap time is just not enough time for me to 
rest, clean, work, and play!