My Own Space

If you have followed my blog you will know that my house is never the same for very long. First our office was upstairs, then down, and then turned into only my husbands office. The funny or sad thing about this is that we have only been in this house for 4 months. Yes, we may be crazy. But what is even crazier is that I thought I could live with all my craft supplies and inspirational do-dads in boxes. So one night after work, I went straight to the task of setting up my own little space. Its a strange place actually, just a little nook off the stairs but its all mine. :) The only problem with it is that there is not electrical outlet. Oh-dear what is a girl to do without her trusty glue gun. Thank god for extension cords!

Erbie-my giant robot

Here it is. At least the inside of the window. I'm going to have to stop by sometime in the evening. The glare in the window is terrible for picture taking. There are still a few adjustments but I'm so thrilled with the size of him and the baby robots turned out so cute. 

My Front Door

I have one of those doors, the kind that just screams to wear a pretty wreath. This new wreath is inspired by Katie Runnels Grath's blog The Constant Gatherer. I have a even deeper appreciation now for the idea of gathering. It takes a lot of little do-dads to embellish wreaths. But it sure was fun and there are more to come. :) At-least one for every season!

Sneak Peak

Oh I just can't help myself...I just have to show you the progress I'm making on the robot. He sure is going to be big! All he needs now are his legs and the rest of his arms. And a few structural changes, which I'm leaving up to my husband. I might yet be able to finish the project on time! I still need to make baby robots and paint to city backdrop but thats do-able. Maybe I should give my new friend a name? Any ideas, let me know :)

Robot Projects

I've been working on a series of Robot drawings for my friend Tait. This little guy is my interior designer robot and he is set and ready for his next big project. I myself am currently working on a very LARGE project. A 6' Robot project that is. I'm creating a window display for my internship at Little Urbanites. Its a contest for Bugaboo strollers. I can't wait to post the pictures...I'm so excited and nervous, this is my first window display ever! Wish me luck :)

I Actually Bought A Book

I don't buy books. I barrow them or go to the library. I didn't buy school books! But I'm starting to realize that it might be nice to have an inspirational book closer to hand. So yesterday I bought a book at my work that I love to look at and read whenever I am feeling blue. Especially blue when it comes to creativity. 

So I bought Jonathan Adler's book My Perscription for Anti-Depressive Living
Here are a few of my favorite photos and "prescriptions".

Pg 10
"Modesty is overrated. Let the world know just how naughty you can be-what do you have to lose? ...We all have a wild side, but we're taught to hide it. Use decorating to unleash your sizzle on the world."

Pg 196
"Decorate your home so that it expresses who you are and makes you happy when you walk in the door."

Pg 51
"Colors can't clash"

a wonderful weekend

On Saturday my husband and I attended a very special celebration- my grandparents 50th anniversary. It was such a unique and special even, all the guest around the table shared advise for how to have a long and happy marriage. It was so sweet and many of us cried tears of joy from time to time.
On Sunday my very good friend Victoria and I spent the day antiquing. My favorite find of the day was this little toy iron. And this beautiful quilt is a gift from Victoria. It amazes me how well she knows my taste and how very generous she it. Thanks V! 

a new hue or two

there are two main reasons why my walls are now covered with sewing patterns. 

1. My sweet darling husband said he would take anything in exchange for getting rid of the "peach" walls I gave him earlier in the year. 
2. I've been chopping at the bit to do this after seeing Vern Yip do it on Trading Spaces. 

I love the end result. It only cost $20 and took a day to complete. I should glaze over it but that is a project for another day. :)

My first stuffy

Everyone seems to be an expert at making cute little stuffies these days...everyone that is but me. So after a Martha Stewart segment featuring the book Sock and Glove I struck out to make my own. 

It wasn't easy! I poked my finger at-least 10 times with the needles and had to do heart surgery on the little guy after a life threatening attack from Miller-my basset hound. 

Overall- I think this pretty blue bunny is quite an accomplishment. Will this spark a stuffy craze? I don't think so...but who knows:)