Love Bug

For as much as I lay about these days
trying to let my body rest and do it's baby growing thing
there is just about as much busyness going on.
I'm lucky that the hobbies I love such as working on my computer
and making headbands are semi easy to keep up on even during my sick periods. 
I only wish taking care of my crew of foster kiddos was so easy.
But for all the uck going on there is equal if not more joy in this home.
Expecting a baby is exciting! But we also have a baby in the house.
This little guy came into our life the very same day we found out we were pregnant
and our hopes and prayers go out each night that he will be able to stay with us
and that we will be able to love and care for him always and forever.
So the next few weeks (hopefully no more)
are BIG for our family! Please keep us in your thoughts.
We so love this little guy so very very much, but we also know to fully that sometimes
even when it feels so right in your heart the Lord has other plans.


The last few months I've been working on these three coordinating bug kits.
The top kit includes printable valentines and journal cards. 
The cards are 4x3 and could be used for Project Life pages,
or perhaps to send a little note of encouragement in your kiddos lunch boxes.
I've decided to make my baby book(s) using the Project Life system.
I've never been much for paper and glue but I think my children 
will appreciate having something tangible to touch 
in addition of coarse to my digital scrapbook. 

My Love Bug digi kit is so bright and cheery,
with bumblebees, butterflies, worms, and other fun and lovable creepy crawlies.

Here is a little peak of a few of the goodies printed out.
I think you could find a lot of fun uses for this kit!

I've also done up a watercolor inspired paper pack that incorporates 
all the fun vibrant colors.

Just look how Martha of Mugyboo
incorporated 3 of the watercolor papers into her lovely scrapbooking creation.

Martha and I both use our home printers, 
but I've also heard great things about Office Max.
I would strongly suggest not going to sSaples - there colors are a nightmare :( 

20 Weeks

Little Annalea and I at 20 weeks. 
Despite the morning sickness that refuses to let me be,
I've gained 16 pounds and am now feeling her little kicks
which make me giggle and jump in delight each and every time.
She's such an active little pickle,
in all my ultrasounds she has been a busy little things
doing flips and grabbing her toes with her tiny little fingers.
In one of my pictures she's got her foot all the way up to her nose!
I'm so excited to be having a little girl!
At just 13 weeks they predicted she was a girl, 
but my husband persisted on calling her baby Hank. 
But luckily all my little purchases of ruffly socks, and sun hats
didn't have to be packed up and sent off to my sister-n-law.
My husband's sister is having a baby girl in just a few short weeks
-if she makes it that long.
This will be her first child as well, and like me perhaps her one and only.
I'm so thrilled that we are having our kiddos so close together;
I didn't have any cousins the same age and I can't wait 
to see these two little girls grow up being the best of friends

P.S. I'm actually 22 weeks along now, but as with everything else these
days I'm a bit behind on checking things off my to do list. 
I probably should just get use to that...