A Busy March It Was

WoWe can you believe it,
We've just about made it to april already!
How time flies when you are busy
and indeedy I sure have been a busy girl.
Been working like a mad woman on yoyo pretties.
Even been working on some rather top secret newbie items
which I am sure will come out of hiding
real soon! Can't hardly wait!
Have I ever told you
I'm very very bad at keeping secrets!

Now I would like to direct your attention
to an amazing etsy shop
I'm sure Shelly's work is no secret to the majority of you
I've been quite smitten with her work
for quite some time
and now that she has digi kits
I can really stock up on all the bright, patchwork
creations that make this shop undoubtably

Happy April Fools Day
I wish you all a wonderful weekend!
& that's no joke :D

Yippee ki-yay Cowgirl Party

Recently I've had a hand full of customers
tell me that their yoyo headband
is for their little girls birthday party.
How I will love to one day plan out
my children's birthday bashes.
No chucky cheese for me
I'm a backyard, slumber party kind of gal.
So until that day comes I thought I would live
vicariously through my blog
and come up with some birthday party ideas
inspired by my YoYo Headband creations.

My new Rhinestone Cowgirl Headband
would be perfect for a cowgirl themed party.

Pink and brown
and good ol' country staples
like homemade pink lemonade
served up in mason jars.

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Girls Kick Butt!

Who else -
can keep the cupboards stocked with clean dishes,
diagnose the "sick" form the SICK,
find the lost binkies of the world,
and give super duper good hugs?
What about the endless amounts of socks
that need to find matches
or the 58 cupcakes need by 12 o'clock sharp?
Women know how to get gum out of hair
and make monsters under the bed simply disappear.
We know how to beat morning hunger
and curl our hair while dusting the bathroom chandelier.
Without us - what would this world come to?

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Our Charlie Dog

Charlie came into our lives quite unexpectedly
I was still in college and my dad
and I were picking up my parents dog
from the groomer
that's when Charlie found me!
He was up for adoption
and for me it was love at first sight
My dad who I'm pretty sure didn't want
to be the one to say NO
had me call my mom - she said YES
so my dad then had me call my then bf, now husband
to see if he was willing to take Charlie
if things didn't work out
he said YES!
and my poor dad was defeated!
but even he came around
and I'm pretty sure when I finally left home
my dad was sad to see us both go.

We all know the saying
"you can't teach an old dog new tricks"
well that is pretty much true
as a dog coming from another life
Charlie already had a handful of quirks
and not so pleasant bad habbits.
Some things we were able to change
like teaching him that he didn't have to
gulp down his doggy food in 3.5 seconds
because no one else was going to take it from him.
but bad behavior like digging, barking, and destroying things
well we still deal with those...

We love Charlie - but he is our last Terrier.
He can be a complete sweet heart,
loving to cuddle and take showers with you
but boy, oh boy,
does Charlie Dog keep us busy!

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A friendly Reiminder

Just a little reminder
that my giveaway on Paper*Cakes Finds
ends this coming Monday, March 14th
don't miss your chance
to win one of three
$20 gift certificates towards my

here are a few more out takes from the photoshoot
for Paper*Cakes 2nd Birthday bash

All American Cuisine

Sorry Veggie loving friend
but this week I had an appetite for
good ol' fashion,
all American Hamburgers and Hot Dogs
So tasty & So cute!

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The Life Of A Miller Dog

If you have ever met a Basset Hound
you will know that they live for one thing only
Unlike Charlie, Miller wont leave the yard -
for one very important reason...
he knows who feeds him.
Some nights I have to wake him from bad dream
which always has me wondering
what is he so afraid of?
Well, no doubt it has something to do with his food!
When he was just a pupp he ate an entire bag of dog food
and he was literally just as big around as he was long.
Funny to recall now, but it wasn't then!

When Miller's tummy is satisfied you will most likely
find him curled up on our bed,
he has taken quite a liking to my pillow as of late
but perhaps his very favorite spot is my giant Petticoat.

Miller also loves to play.
He loves playing chase around the house, rope, and catch,
although when it comes to playing catch
he is more or less just chasing Charlie around.
Miller's favorite activity is playing with the laser pointer
he could chase that red dot for hours.
If you aren't in the mood to play
oh - that's okay
Miller will help himself to one of mom's toys!
It sure is a good thing I love him!!!!

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Bunny, Why Must You Be So Sweet?

I've decided that once a week I'm going to
put together a post dedicated to all the adorable, cute, whimsical
creations I find so hard to resist.
My husband is constantly reminding me that
I do not need every little thing that catches my fancy
although I find the word "need" to be rather vague ;)
This week my mind was on easter and sweet little bunny rabbits.
Perhaps you NEED one of these?

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My Puppy Book

For some time now I've been working on a scrapbook project
of my beloved kiddos - a.k.a. Charlie and Miller our puppy dogs.
Miller, our Basset Hound was a gift from my husband -
I think the idea was that having another puppy
would gain my husband a year or two of my silence
in my eager quest to become a momma.
Turns out we aren't so lucky in the baby department
so it's no surprise that my dogs have "literally"
become our children.
Although I always joke that I hope I'm a better "real" momma
than I am a dog momma
because god love them - they aren't always very well behaved!

Both pupps are technically mine
but you wouldn't know it!
They are both daddy boys through and through.

I adopted Charlie while I was still in college.
He's our busy body... always chasing birds,
and tunneling out of the yard.
If a cat has 9 lives
Charlie dog has 90!

I'll be sharing more pages with you over the next few weeks

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