Our Charlie Dog

Charlie came into our lives quite unexpectedly
I was still in college and my dad
and I were picking up my parents dog
from the groomer
that's when Charlie found me!
He was up for adoption
and for me it was love at first sight
My dad who I'm pretty sure didn't want
to be the one to say NO
had me call my mom - she said YES
so my dad then had me call my then bf, now husband
to see if he was willing to take Charlie
if things didn't work out
he said YES!
and my poor dad was defeated!
but even he came around
and I'm pretty sure when I finally left home
my dad was sad to see us both go.

We all know the saying
"you can't teach an old dog new tricks"
well that is pretty much true
as a dog coming from another life
Charlie already had a handful of quirks
and not so pleasant bad habbits.
Some things we were able to change
like teaching him that he didn't have to
gulp down his doggy food in 3.5 seconds
because no one else was going to take it from him.
but bad behavior like digging, barking, and destroying things
well we still deal with those...

We love Charlie - but he is our last Terrier.
He can be a complete sweet heart,
loving to cuddle and take showers with you
but boy, oh boy,
does Charlie Dog keep us busy!

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Diane Mars said...

We too have a pup name Charlie and like your Charlie he gulps down his food like there is no tomorrow~ Your pup is darling. Hugs, Diane

Peach said...

Charlie is very very happy & thankful that you came along & rescued him. He appreciates that you are patient with him, and he loves you very much.

Sometimes he chews on your hair while you are sleeping.