A Magical 1st Birthday

I can't imagine any mother 
welcoming their babies first birthday
without a mixed bag of emotion.
Happy, excited, sad, baffled, 
you name it - i've felt it
and am probably still in the midst
of sorting through it.
But alas, it's here, 
my baby girl is a full fledge toddler,
just starting to take her first little penguin like steps.
Oh boy, I'm going to have two little people
running full bore in opposite directions in no time at all!

Baby girls party was a giant labor of love,
of which I am so very much indebted 
to my friends and family.
From pom-poms, to house work this party
could not have happened without them.

My amazingly talented mother-n-law
brought Abby Cadabby to life with this
amazing cardboard cut out. 
I'm still in awe and shock at how spectacular
she turned out!!! 

My sister-n-law made the birthday hat 
completely covered in teeny tiny fabric yo-yos.
-and I thought I was the yo-yo queen?!
My little pickle however, was not as enthusiastic 
as she ought to have been.
Took 3 days just to get this one shot of the hat on her
sweet yet stubborn little head!

Poor daddy (our prince charming) missed out on most of the party,
he was busy cooking up a 20lb turkey and ham along with all the fixings.
So many friends and family came and celebrated with us
that all the food was gone
before hubby or I ever got a chance to sit down and eat!

Luckily there was cake!
Well not this cake,
this cake got good and smashed!!!

The video is epic, this girl did not hold back!!!
I was one very proud momma!

She could have been happy all day
squishing frosting and cake through her fingers,
and licking icing off the plate.

Cookie Monster would have described her
 as "good enough to eat!"
and in the words of our beloved friend
Abby Cadabby 

Annalea, mommy thinks
"You're MAGIC,
yes you are!!"

And so life moves forward, 
in just 4 short months we will be celebrating 
baby boy's 2nd Birthday
And yes, I am already planning.